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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bake Sale!

I love chairing our local elementary school bake sale each year. The bake sale is part of the annual carnival- which is the largest fundraiser the PTO heads. We have such an amazing community of families that donate, volunteer and organize this huge event. Each year I do a different theme. If you missed our sweet shop theme go here and our french theme is posted here. This year I decided "Why re-create the wheel" and I used the decor from our rustic chic wedding. It worked perfectly for displaying our yummy treats... Take a lookThe banner was made using brown and black burlap. I went to our local scrapbook store and used their di-cut machine to cut the "bake sale" letters. Add some hot glue and twine and you have an instant banner.
I picked up this cute metal tool box for just $2.00 at a garage sale Friday
This huge iron bowl was a $5 garage find from a while back
I made the toffee and it fit nicely into this little $1.00 tool box
The old wagon made a perfect container for our homemade breads
This bucket was another Friday find- for $1.00
This white chocolate snack mix was amazing!
Bushels- also from garaging held ghiradelli brownies
This old step ladder showed off our sweet breads perfectly.
Mr. Right made 4 more of these barn wood looking flower boxes- They held cookies, and these Coconut, pecan, chocolate chip brownies- which were quick to sell out.
Our fork and napkin holder for the wedding was used for coconut macaroons.
There were so many varieties of cookies! We have the best moms.

In the end we made $822.00 just with the bake sale- my highest year yet! A big thank you to all the moms who donated the baked goods and my friends Paula and Cindy for making it all happen. My goal is to reach $1,000- any theme ideas for next year? Love to hear what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. It was beautiful! We were very happy to contribute some cookies (and more than a few of our tickets - my kids kept coming back to the bake sale! Definitely MY offspring.)

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  3. Love it, Kelly. So pretty and professional, just like everything that you do.

    Can't think of a theme off the top of my head other than something Dr. Seuss-ish? You'll come up with something perfect! Congrats on raising so much money!


  4. The school is lucky to have such a creative person running their bake sale!

  5. LIke I told you already, YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED and have such great taste! You find the BEST stuff out garaging! Congrats on a successful bake sale!-Anna

  6. I'd love to see what you could do with a movie theme. Wizard of Oz comes to mind, but whatever you choose would be amazing!

  7. I think a circus/carnival theme would be fun, lots of colour and bright flags Julie in Sydney, Australia

  8. How about a 'Fresh from the Kitchen' theme...made to look like a vintage kitchen, with a vintage stove/frig or boxes made to look like stove/frig and have the treats on shelves in the oven and the frig. And if you can find one how about an old enamel marbled table. Sort of a 1950's kitchen look. Do you also do a cake walk? Those are always fun, too.
    Sounds like you have a lot of fun with this.
    I loved doing the carnivals when my boys were in school...miss those days.
    You have done such an amazing job in the past, I'm sure whatever you dream up will be equally amazing or better. I agree with the others, the school is very lucky to have you as a parent. - Cindy