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Monday, March 26, 2012

This Weeks Goal!

What better way to make myself accountable than post my weeks goals on My Dear Trash! My garage is looking a bit like a furniture graveyard with pieces I purchased this week out garaging, a few pieces we brought home from the shop and some auction finds that have just been sitting. It's clear out time- so I thought I'd give you all the before pics today and see what I can get done this week. I'll start with my craigslist goals: Mr. Right purchased this buffet for $30 at auction a few months ago- I thought for sure it would sell as is at the shop for $150- but I haven't even had any offers on it. We brought it home Saturday to make room for new merchandise and my goal is to sell it this week on craigslist for $150- If it doesn't sell, I will go ahead and paint it up and try to sell it for $250.
We picked up this Mersman drum table this weekend for $10- My goal is to sell it for $50 on craigslist- As is. Wish me luck. Here's my paint projects for the week...Hot pink cedar hope chest. I know, what was I thinking? But seriously this was so cute in my daughters room at the foot of her bed- I'm thinking black.
I'd also like to try to line the inside shelf with sheet music to replace the blue felt that's all worn off.

This little step stool and shutter will go cream- maybe some stenciled numbers on the steps.
Pine wash stand- cream
Buffet we picked up this weekend for $25 will go gray- it's my first piece in gray and it's oops paint- I won't lie, I'm a little nervous.
This tall dresser was a $10 garage sale find- I'd love to do a mustard yellow or a fun green- we'll have to see what mood I'm in on the day I paint it.
Two stools- $4 total. I'm going black with big stenciled numbers on the seat.
2 cupboard doors- $2.00 total from a garage sale- to be transformed into chalkboards
a little petite table- maybe in turquoise?
Pine table in mustard or green
and finally 2 posts. These have been down at the shop for months and haven't budged! I'm hoping to do a distressed finish and then sell them on craigslist. Quite a list- hope all goes as planned! I'll keep you posted on my progress. What are you doing this week? Love, Kelly.


  1. Kelly:

    Congrats again on the birth of your grandson. Glad all are happy and healthy.

    I chuckled when I read the first line of this post, as if you are slacker that doesn't get anything done! Good luck, can't wait to see what beauties you turn out!


  2. WOW! That really is quite the list of things to get done. I'm overwhelmed for you. Good thing you're a pro with a paint sprayer. Can't WAIT to see the afters and see if they sell for you. Good luck!

  3. Whew, I am going to go out to my 4 pieces of furniture in my garage, and start sanding them right now!! I am sure you will post what you did with all of your projects before I even get started on mine. You are amazing!! Good luck!!

  4. can i get that mersman table if you still have it how much you say you wanted for it 50.00 i will take it but i live in in Indiana