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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carnival Spirit Mexican Riviera Cruise

Here's a little glimpse of our cruise experience over spring break. We left Sunday at 5am and started our drive to San Diego. After a short 6 hours we arrived, used park and fly to shuttle us to the pier and walked right on to our ship; the carnival spirit.
Since we weren't due to set sail until 4:00pm and our rooms wouldn't be ready until 1:30 we decided to tour the ship. I highly recommend taking the spa tour- amazing amenities, picking up your free decks of cards at guest services, and checking out all the different kids clubs. We had lunch on the lido deck- and experienced our first soft serve ice cream cones.
Here's the family on deck after we set sail. We were super happy with our rooms. We had a quad with Mr. Right and I and the little girls and our 3 oldest were right next door. Our little 3 year old loved the fancy robes, but especially...The towel animals and chocolates left on our bed each night.
The elephant was one of our favorites.

We had a gorgeous view off the back of the ship the next morning at breakfast. The food... A little disappointing. This is Mr. Rights and my third cruise- we've sailed with carnival once before and the food was amazing- The Spirit's food was very ordinary and sometimes actually tasted bad! Thankfully, there is all you can eat soft serve and the lido deck had a grill that was super good.
Here we are, arizona style, freezing on the top deck!
Favorite food item- besides the soft serve... Lobster! Now that was good.
This is me trying to get a good picture of me and Mr. Right. Somehow the double flash on the camera would cause Mr. Right to close his eyes...
Every time!
Or almost close his eyes!
Oh look! Eyes open, tongue in... I'll take it!
We arrived in Cabo San Lucas on our third day so we hopped on a tender and headed to shore. We decided to sign up for the dolphin experience. My 8 year old and Mr. Right were the only one's brave enough to go in the water...

Should I be jealous?
Mr. Right being pulled around the pool by a dolphin.

The rest of the family was able to observe and watch an amazing dolphin show at the end. Super expensive excursion, but so worth it! I hope you love the photos, because we had to pay $139 to get them! Not everything is cheaper in Mexico.
The three and me with a large parrot.
We had some great fun shopping in Cabo.
The thirteen with an iguana!
Back on the ship that night our 19 year old participated in a game show
and won a 24 carat gold plastic ship on a stick- a coveted price on the Carnival Spirit
Day 2 in Cabo led us to the hair braiding lady

And a fantastic boat tour
We spent a little time on the beach...

And headed back to the ship to indulge in some more food!
Chocolate Buffet

Tea Time! I highly recommend this one. Although the waitress thought the scones were cream puffs and the service wasn't great, we had a great time sipping herbal tea, visiting and looking out at the water
Frog Legs- Not so good! Overall, we had an amazing trip. The little girls spent a few hours in camp carnival and really had a great time. My teenagers loved Circle C- the teen club and met a few friends along the way...
All boys of course! The evening entertainment was just okay- we've probably seen too many broadway shows in New York and are a little spoiled- but the final show was worth watching- "A tribute to New Orleans" I highly recommend taking a cruise with your family- tons of treasured memories were made. Love, Kelly.


  1. I LOVE going on cruise's they are a blast!!!! Looks like you guys had fun!!

  2. Looks like fun was had by all :)

  3. Great pictures - you made it feel like we were right along with you! Looks like you all had a great time in spite of the food :-)