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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Living Room Redo

I was recently hired to redo a living room. The client likes muted colors and clean spaces. She is hosting a wedding reception in just a few weeks, so we were on a short time frame. Here's a before picture of the room as you walk in the front door...
Pale yellow walls, sage green sofa (notice the way it bulges up on the center cushion? That was a job for Mr. Right) and little to no wall decor. The client really wanted to keep all of her current fabrics- which was a little tricky- but when I found this whimsical pillow at Home Goods- I finally had my inspiration piece...
The striped fabric on the window seat was a little bit of a speed bump, but with the right accessories it all came together. Here's a peek at the after...
A statement piece above the sofa included 3 shutters that were formerly closet doors, a W for their last name painted to match the sofa color and 6 frames also painted to match. The yellow pillows were found at Target, the coffee table was an estate sale find painted in antique white and the vase was from Home Goods. Mr. Right essentially rebuilt the sofa as the major support board had come apart, causing the springs to rise in the center. Here's a closer look at the shutters...
Painted in antique white with a light distressing.
The sea grass rug- another Home Goods find, was the perfect way to separate the green sofa from the green carpet. The italian made flower bowl was also found at Home Goods.
By scooting the couch down, giving the chair a little breathing room and turning the side table on an angle, a cozy corner is created. The lamp is from Hobby Lobby and the nest accessory is from an antique store in Glendale, Arizona.
Here's a before picture of the piano wall. All the clutter drove my client crazy! The picture is much too small for the wall and hung way to low. Here's the after...
A large scale clock, family sign and clean surface create a much nicer look.
Here's a look at the window seat before. And the after...Clearing away the clutter and adding a fun pillow made a great low budget impact.

Here's a before look at the entrance wall- an element my client really liked. With a few minor adjustments she loved it even more when we were done...
Adding a pop of color, removing an extra side table and adding a branchy arrangement helped round out the space. We do have a chair to add to the room- it will go to the upholsterer next week- but other than that we're done. Not a huge renovation, but a fresh update without changing out wall color or major furniture pieces. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. Wow!! Looks amazing, Im so impressed!!

  2. You have such an eye for beauty, Kelly. I should have you come critique my house some time. :)

  3. Fantastic! Wish you could come and tackle my house!

  4. It looks lovely! You did such a nice job on this room, and gave them the look they wanted. You are a girl of many hats, and wear them all well!! Great job! I really like the inspiration pillow the whole look evolved from....