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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love & Intimidation

I had two emotions when I first saw this desk at my local thrift store.
Emotion #1:  LOVE.  I mean look at those dainty little feet and the lovely drawers on the side.  
It even has a slide out table.  It's like a trap-door desk.
Emotion #2:  INTIMIDATION.  If I purchase this desk, I have a heck of a lot of work ahead of me.
I’m getting more confident in my furniture redo’s, so for $40, I bring it home.
I tell you, if they had a heart monitor on me when I find trash this special, my pulse would be on the incline.  Trash is so exciting for this girl.    
I get the desk home and size it up. 
How long will this take?
How will I sand it in all the small spaces?
What color should I paint it?
Is this really worth my time?
I start by taking of the fixtures, then sanding, loving the process of striping the stain.  My color choice?  Black.  The paint goes on great.
When I get to the fold-out table, I’m certain I’m in over my head.  All the fixtures to tape off and painting the inside of a cabinet sometimes takes forever.
But, you know what?  It isn’t too bad. I paint it up in no time.
When I see the end result, I know my efforts are worth it.
LOVE sets in again, and I have another piece I want to try in black.
This darling little French cabinet hutch.
This is a great piece to take to the shop at Qcumberz.
My emotion now?  BITTERSWEET because I love these pieces of trash, but know soon they'll be gone to another home.  


  1. Wow! Love how the black makes your distressing pop! Gorgeous! And I know how you feel about falling in love with your pieces. I have a couple of pieces that, once finished, I can't part with. They found a good home---my home!

  2. I love both these pieces in the black! Black is a great color, and goes in anybody's decor. Great job!