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Friday, September 2, 2011

When it's worth it!

I was sick in bed in the middle of the afternoon, trying to fall asleep when the counselor ran into the bedroom with a newspaper in his hand and flipped on the light, announcing the Phoenix Suns were having an open court later that day.
“We can actually go onto the court with the kids,” he said, sounding like a kid on 
Christmas morning.  He was practically drooling.

Before I knew it, all the kids were in my room begging me to go.
Jumping up and down, throwing on their Suns jerseys, even the baby had a little Suns cheer leading outfit I found at Goodwill just after she was born.
I tried to convince them to go without me, but when Chandler actually got tears in his eyes, I knew it was important that I be there.
I rolled, every so slowly out of bed and with 5, make that 6 (hey, I’ve got to count the counselor as kid at this point) kids, we drove down to the Phoenix Suns Stadium.
And I watched them play.
And shoot.
And climb.
And it was so worth it.
Occasionally, I bring a piece of trash home for resale thinking it will be great and well, it’s just not worth it.
I’ve learned the hard way that kitchen tables do not sell well on Craigslist.
I fell in love with this solid wood folding table with 4 chairs.
Perfect for someone to paint up, but in beautiful condition as-is.
I paid $80.00, thinking I could resell it for $150.00.
And it sat on my back patio and at one point, got dirty in a dust storm.
When it sold a month later for $90.00, it hardly seemed worth it for my $10.00 profit.
To make things fun, I told myself I had to do something great with my $10.00 profit.
I splurged on popsicles.
Popsicle after breakfast, popsicles with the kids, even Eden now stands at the freezer and cries for her popsicle.
What about this bedroom set?
I paid $90.00 for it, thinking surely it would sell for $150.00.
After 2 months, I’ve dropped it to $100.00.  Finally, I have someone interested in purchasing it.
If she does, what should I do with my $10.00 profit?
Or chocolate!
On a side note, I'm finally feeling a bit better, still tired, but on my way to feeling good again.
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  1. My brother, the biggest kid of all.

  2. Hi Laura:

    Kelly's post reminded me to comment on your post.

    I love that your kids really feel the loss when you aren't around. That must feel so great, especially when it comes from your older kids. What a great job you and your husband are doing with them!