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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unique China Hutch Redone (Almost)

When I found this Queen Anne China Hutch, I figured it would sell in a heartbeat.  
Solid wood, all original fixtures, excellent condition.  
Well, it must have been a very slow heartbeat, because it just sat in my garage until my favorite customer decided to purchase it for her daughter’s birthday. 
Just one glitch.
She wanted it white.
And I agreed to paint it for her.
Every morning now, you’ll find me outside painting away.
Eden stays busy, playing here and there.
She’s the best side kick; my little princess with an otter pop, my little shadow in a denim jumpsuit.
I was a bit intimidated by this project, so I thought I’d practice on another piece of furniture before I started.
I found this funky piece of vintage history at Goodwill for $15.00.

I listed it on craigslist for $50.00 and it didn’t sell.
This was the perfect piece to practice on. 
If I messed up, I wasn’t out much.
Although this piece of furniture is partition wood laminate, it is really well built.
I wasn’t sure if spray paint would be adhesive, but it worked better then I thought.
Once it looked perfect, I became a little nervous.
Around here, things don’t stay perfect for long, so I decided to stain it a bit.
I recently sold my turquoise vintage dresser that sits on my front porch, 
so I needed a new piece to replace it.
I love how the details pop now!  What a difference spray paint makes.
Eden found ways to stay busy while I worked.
 “Mama,” she shouts, wanting me to watch her on the big wheel.

I love hearing her say Mama.  Music to my ears.
I hope to have the china hutch finished by the end of the week. 
Can’t wait to show you the end result.
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  1. Love how you makeover the antique pieces. visiting form alpha thursday.

  2. You are doing a great job there with that furniture. As for your assistant - she's gorgeous!

  3. Oh, that really changes the look! I never thought to put a piece outside on the porch for a table. We have 9 ft deep porches so that could work for me.

  4. great job on the table Im sure the hutch will turn out wonderful

  5. I love the piece on the porch. I think it makes the porch look more inviting than the blue piece.

    BTW...your assistant really rocks the pigtails!

  6. the folding table top is great. Nice for a small room. I don't know if I could have painted that hutch, though; love how the wood looked. Oh well... it's not yours anymore. I hope that person was satisfied with a white hutch! {:-Deb

  7. The new spray paints are practically idiot-proof! They were made for me!! Your furniture is just wonderful!

    Eden is so beautiful!

  8. love your sweater pumpkins!

    barbara jean

  9. Saw on another blog about spray paint for fabric and vinyl....your hutch will be awesome once it's done. Have fun with your little sidekick:)

  10. I wish I were that talented! You have a really great eye for the beauty in old things!

  11. What a great transformation! It's amazing what paint can do!

    And what a talented painter (YOU!) can make happen!

    Lovely work!

    Thanks for sharing it.