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Monday, September 12, 2011

This weeks Garaging Finds!

I had several readers ask about a tutorial on the sweater pumpkins...Here's the link to my original post almost a year ago titled Cashmere Pumpkins.

A great garaging weekend! Here's what I found...Love this super huge chalkboard (a splurge at $22.00) and birdcage ($2.00).
The abacus and clock were just $1.00 each
These metal wall hangings will probably go to the shop- I paid $4.00 for the set.
How excited was I to find brand new bath and body works candles, wallflowers, linen spray, anti-bac soap and fragrances for just $1.00 each- she even had them wrapped in cellophane ready to give as a gift. And this super chunky cheese dome will make a stunning pedestal- when I find a chunky candle stick to attach to the bottom.
My favorite find is this piece of vintage tin ceiling tile. It's REALLY rustic, but has great texture. I'm probably taking it to the shop- should I separate it into 2 smaller pieces? I paid $10.00 for the big piece- and I'm hoping to sell it for around $40.00- Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. I love the giant chalkboard and the tile!! I think I would separate it. Great finds. My best find over the weekend was an old wooden toolbox with a metal handle-for a dollar. I also found some Chicos Traveler pieces that I'm going to list on Ebay. Love your blog!

  2. Love the big chalk board. I would suggest to separate the tin tile. I think it is more versatile when separated and can be sold individually too. Anyway, I do appreciate your posts and I had been a follower since late last year when I discovered your blog.

  3. Great buys! Bath stuff for $1?? That's my kind of prices. My favorite is the abacus. (former math teacher)

  4. Get back here! That was my neighbors garage sale! Seriously. You bought the tin and the mirror on Elmwood circle, right? So my house is the house to the immediate East of the one you stopped at! How crazy! I thought I recognize that. Your husband asked me if there was another piece or if I just thought it was two pieces because it was bent in half.