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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dresser and Mirror Redo

I picked up this ornate mirror a few weeks ago for $5.00- knowing it would be perfect for my little girls room make-over.The trick with repainting mirrors is to make sure the mirror can be removed from the frame, otherwise you'll be able to see the original color on the back of the frame reflected in the mirror. This may only bug people that have OCD like me- but it's a tip worth pointing out. The perfect match to the mirror was this french dresser I picked up several months ago...
With a little black paint- I had the perfect set for my 2 and 7 year olds room.
Here's a closer look at the knobs...
I'll be adding a lamp and some accessories and I can't wait to show you the build Mr. Right is working on. We need to have the room all done by Sept. 29 for my 7 year old Birthday. We'll keep you posted on the progress. Love, Kelly.


  1. Wondering if you can tell me what kind of finish is the paint on the dresser? Is it flat, satin, doesn't look gloss, but hard to tell. Did you do a primer or just sand it and paint it? I have a similar dresser that I want to do and I am not sure what to do for sure! Should I put a poly coat on top to keep it from scratching? Thanks!

  2. My comment? Can't believe you're gonna have an eight-year-old. That means I will, too, very shortly. When did this happen?

  3. They look great together. You did a good job.

  4. Loving the mirror and dresser. Most little girl rooms are white but I'm lovin that you went with the black. Looks good. Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Wow I love how the mirror turned out! Great job!