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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goo Gone Passion Project

Laura and I were contacted by Goo Gone to see if we'd like to participate in their Passion Project! They agreed to send us a very cool item but the catch is that it would come with an imperfection- an imperfection that could be fixed using Goo Gone. Of course we agreed to participate and were super excited when our packages arrived. One box held a flip camera, bottle of spray gel Goo Gone, two Goo Gone towels and a letter with directions.
The other box held...
This really cute jewelry box- but what's this I see?
Price stickers and crayon colorings (if I hadn't just removed this from the Fex-Ex box I would have thought my own little darlings had gotten to this) My favorite imperfection...
I applied a little Goo Gone to the provided cloth (love this spray bottle) and the top immediately wiped clean...
Felix required an extra spray and 2 minutes of soaking (which is what the bottle recommends)
You can see from the rag that it removed the crayon and sticky from the price tag, but not the finish on the jewelry box.

Now I have myself a really cute jewelry box and a bottle of Goo Gone. Being that most items I buy from thrift stores have horrible sticker labels, I have used Goo Gone in the past- However, I didn't know that it removed crayon- Ahhhhh my toy room will be so happy! Thanks Goo Gone for letting me test drive your product and for the jewelry box. Love, Kelly.


  1. What a cool way to demonstrate their project. I've used Goo Gone a lot, but I didn't know it came in a spray bottle.

  2. Man, that was fun. Wish Goo Gone would contact me! I have used their product many times but not in the spray bottle form. In fact, my son used it today to get some paint off of his cleats. Only down side is the smell. Yuck! Glad ya'll got to try it out on a free item.

  3. That's such a creative way to get people to test their products. And the product looks like something I could use. My daughter has never drawn on stuff but my op shop goodies do have marks now and then.

    I was contacted today to test a new product and they will be sending me heaps of goodies for a trial at home with friends and Giveaways also for my Australian readers on my blog!!! I'm pretty stocked as the gifts are very generous and I feel really lucky to test some stuff out for free.

    I don't splurge on shopping items as I like to save my money to cut back on work hours in 2012 (nearly there). Each purchase is carefully thought out except thrifted op shop luxuries. So getting free goodies is exciting :-)

  4. Thanks for the great comments, ladies! We'd love to have all three of you apply to be part of our Goo Gone GooRu initiative, another great project we're working on with Goo Gone fans. Just visit our Facebook GooRu tab and enter some information: We'd love to have you on board!

  5. What a great product! I am always using it to remove label gunk! I love the spray bottle! Cool demo!