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Friday, September 16, 2011

A few of my favorite things

With the weather cooling, I find when I work outside on painting trash, the kids follow.
My mom rides by on her bike.
One of the perks of selling trash is the joy of working from home. I’m with my family while making money.
I was here when Mayer lost his first tooth.
A labor of love, I finally finished painting the china hutch for a client of mine.
Here’s the before
And after.
I love how it turned out.
I put a lot of hours into this piece, but it was worth it.
Redoing furniture is new to me, so it really built my confidence.
A few of my other favorite trashy things?
This enormous office hutch.

It was too big to fit into my Honda Pilot, so I looked around the thrift store parking lot.
I saw a lady who liked really nice getting out of a truck and asked if she'd delivery the office hutch to my home for $20.00.
I really don't have a problem talking to strangers.

This little Kidscraft kitchen I found at Goodwill for $30.00 has been the hit of the week.  
Eden can't get enough.
On the same visit to Goodwill, I found this adorable toy box for $20.00.
Around here, toy boxes turn into hiding places.

We have several of them.
I found this vintage end table for $15.00 and had to have it.
Another piece to practice on
and it turned out great.


  1. Holy cow, we have that kitchen and paid $250 for it. It still has a good resale value too. Great find.

  2. What great deals! Your Goodwill store is so much better than the ones I visit :-( Love the kid's kitchen set. Bargain!

  3. So long since i visited MDT and i just can't get enough of miss little sunflower and your finds. I so love it!! thank you ...

  4. Hey: really dig that kitchen. Wish I could find one for my little boy.

    Love the pics of the kids. Eden is getting so big!

  5. Great job on the hutch,it looks fantastic!!

  6. The hutch looks really nice. Love the white color. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow!! Hutch looks great - I painted my son's loft bed and it was enough to stop me from painting anything else for awhile!

    What a great find on the kitchen!

  8. LOVE the hutch! Great Transformation!!
    But Love a little girl with a pacifier & barefeet even more...