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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Finds- Free! Free! Free!

I wanted to show off my garage sale finds from the weekend. Now, whenever a weekend is rained out, you can be sure the next weekend there will be sales a plenty, so I had to put my finds in two different photos. Here's Friday's finds.Look at this amazing clock! It electric, not sure if it works yet, but for $1 I was mainly interested in the shape of it. I may take out the electrical and just use it as a decoration. The set of 3 antique Currier and Ives prints were $1 for the set, The Chinese Proverbs book from the 50's was .50, nice graphic scrapbook paper .10 a sheet, Distressing kit $2.00 (sells for $20 in stores) Collection of 5 silver (fake) boxes with tray $6 (these will be perfect in one of my girls rooms), Old Cheese tray with glass dome $1 (I'll be adding a candlestick on the bottom to make a cool cake plate out of this), Set of 5 small picture frames .25, Ring holder for my tween for Valentines day .25, Cute wire basket $3.00 (another accessory for Laura's shower), 2 skirts, 1 dress and 1 shirt for the girls $4.00, stone urn with reeds 1.00, and (drum roll please) a very large chalkboard for... FREE. I realize this chalkboard looks like it should be in the trash- In fact when I asked how much it was at the garage sale the lady replied- "Oh, that's our trash pile, you can just take it." Was I embarrased you ask? No way! Look at the glass knobs on that piece of trash...
I know I'll come across a perfect project for those. Here's a close-up of the ring holder- so girly and marked $9.99 on the back.
Now for Saturday finds.So strange, I was looking through garage sale listings on craigslist when I saw "Garage Free" What's Garage Free? I clicked on the listing to discover a family was having a Garage Sale, but everything would be free- "no gimmicks" it said. I'm all about free, so I made sure Mr. Right and I were at the sale as close to the 7:30am opening time as possible. Here's what was free: Brand new liz clairborne mens slacks- tag says 65.50 (these will be perfect to give Laura for her ebay business) a beautiful Ann Taylor Loft skirt in my tweens size, a cute little doll for my baby's valentine basket as well as a Gund frog blanket and an animal sticker book. Just as we were about to leave, the Garage Free Host pulls out this bunk bed ladder. "Is that free also?" I say "Yep" she replies. "Oh, I'll take it" After extending a big thank you, Mr. Right and I were off. It was well worth the drive to Gilbert. I can't wait to show you what I'm planning for the bunk bed ladder. Other items found at "Garage Sales" were: A baby monitor (my white lab is expecting puppies in a few weeks) .50, set of vintage 3 pigs wind up toys $1.00 for the set (These are amazing! And the fact that I have a huge wind up toy collection makes it just that much better.) Chunky black frame $2, Brand new soap making kit $2 (marked $40.00 on the back) And the beautiful iron 2 tierd basket was $10 (probably a little high for my normal shopping, but it was an estate sale and they had it marked $35 and it was 1/2 off day. I thought it didn't hurt to ask if they'd take $10 and they agreed.) Hope this inspires you to get out and go garaging (or maybe you look at all this as trash and it encourages you to stay home- either way) Just for fun, leave a comment and let me know which of my finds you would have purchased. I would love to know if I'm the only one who's see's treasure in this trash. Love, Kelly

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