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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This weeks Garaging Finds!

Here's this weeks trash:
An adorable little cabinet for $10.00, new pillow form 1.00 (I'm going to attempt to make some Pottery Barn knock-offs), New Ceiling medalion 1.00 (this came complete will sales receipt from lowes $25) , Monopoly game .50, glass vase 1.00 (another find for Laura's baby shower), wire heart holder thingy .25 (I'm going to use this to hold my antique milk bottles that serve drinks when we have parties) Here's a closer shot of the cabinet...
I'm not sure where she's going- might be a resale item for the challenge (I'll be talking about "The Big Challenge" tomorrow) You may have started to realize I purchase a Monopoly game almost every week at garage sales- sometimes more than 1. Why do I need so many Monopoly games? I collect the pieces. There's something about those little metal game pieces. I love the way they look displayed in jars. Don't worry I save the other pieces as well. Here's a pic of some of the shelves in our toy room...
Dice, Monopoly tokens and pieces. I love when I can find a specialty Monopoly game like Scuba Monopoly or Disney Monopoly- soon I will have to move to a bigger jar. And what about the play money?
I love that too. My kids play bank and grocery store all the time. I like to keep it neatly rubber banded, all facing the same direction (have I mentioned I'm a little OCD) Sometimes it turns into a big mess and I either sit and sort it out, or throw it away, knowing I'll have a new stash the next week. Ahh, the joys of garage sales! Hope you enjoyed. Be sure and check back tomorrow for "The Big Challenge" kick-off. Love, Kelly


  1. Great finds! That cabinet is amazing!

  2. I love the cabinet!!! I love how you display the game pieces- I am always finding games at garage sales and goodwill for cheap- but don't buy them because I am afraid of missing pieces. This is an excellent idea!! Thanks for sharing! Off to goodwill I go:)