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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's Goodwill finds and Fraser Fields Swap Sponsers. Read on, because these gals are featuring great give-aways.

Thrifting this morning at Goodwill's $1.00 day was great. It may be a poor economy, but donations are alive and well. I could barely sort through the shirt rack. I actually broke a finger nail.
Reef joined me on my thrifting adventures and found ways to stay entertained.
Yeah, I think he's getting used to the whole "smile" thing. I get out my camera and he smiles whether I'm taking a photo of him or not. This is an example of his exaggerated smile.
Today, Reef's sporting a hair style that's a mixture of
and slobber from the constant kisses I shower on his head.
It's a good look for him, wouldn't you say.
As for me, today I'm wearing a knee-length dress with pants. Why a knee-length dress? With Pants? Because nothing else covers this huge belly I'm sporting around. What's funny, is the knee-length dress stops about mid-hip. I'm not sure when it will fit me again as a dress instead of a shirt.
So, I found Kelly a few things for $1.00 each. I almost didn't get this sorta-creepy religious picture from 1955, but it's on solid wood, super huge and ready to hang. I know she'll do something amazing and it will look nothing like its former self.
And this is the second week in a row I've found a vintage solid wood desk for $1.00.
Like the one from last week, its beat up, but the drawers work great. With all the school Kelly's girls play, the desk will be a super addition to the chalk board. Kelly's already told me a few of her ides with the desks and let's just say, they will be A-DOR-ABLE!
And what did I find for myself that I love and adore and can't live without & will NOT sell on EBay.
This Eileen Fisher Linen bag. Yeah, that's a keeper for sure and it was just $1.00.

Today's the day to list a few specials gals who sell on ETSY and will be setting up shop at the Fraiser Fields Swap on Saturday, February 27th.

To start, the beautiful Myla of Pursenickety, tells the story behind her amazing hand-selected purses.
" I started my business just over a year ago with one goal in mind...make some $$ and take my family to disneyland. I didn't know how to do it..but through late night google sessions I set up a blog, contacted suppliers and then had my first purse party. Now it has takin off, and I'm pretty proud of myself (and we went to disneyland)!! The biggest obstacle I've found is keeping my prices down. I am a self proclaimed cheapskate, so I just don't feel honest selling expensive things that I know I wouldn't buy myself. But on the other hand...I love fashion and Im not about to sell boring ol' purses. So its a constant balancing act...finding the BEST pieces @ the BEST prices. My best and only marketing tool is word of mouth and happy customers. i HAVE 2 MUNCHKINS. SADIE IS 4 AND LINCOLN is 2. tHEY ARE my best pals, so funny and full of life and love for their MaMa. I'm married to a handsome fella that makes me laugh. He likes to think he has a rough exterior but he's really soft on the a campfire-burnt favorite."

Thank you, Myla. Now, let's take a look at some of her beauties, shall we.
Do you want to win something special from Myla's Pursenickety store? My Dear Trash makes it really easy. Simply become a follower of My Dear Trash and Pursenickety, leave one comment under any blog entry, and you're qualified.

Next, we have Cami of Covers by Camilla.
Her hand-made nurse covers are cute and practical. Cami shares the story behind her business.

"Hi, my name is Cami and I’ve been married to my best friend for 5 ½ years and am the mother of two adorable little boys. Stephen is 3 years old and Boston is 7 months old. When Stephen was born, my mom made a nurse cover for me and it soon became my favorite and most essential baby item. Being able to nurse Stephen without having to leave the room during family gatherings helped me to stay motivated to breast-feed. I was able to nurse him in the mother’s room at church with complete modesty. After a month or two of using the nursing cover, Stephen started to recognize “his” cover when I pulled it out to feed him. He would smile and become excited. I made myself another nursing cover after Boston was born and he has a similar reaction when he sees “his” cover. I started making covers to give to friends as gifts and I still enjoy sharing the freedom and modesty (is that a total contradiction) that these covers give nursing mothers. I know you will enjoy your nursing cover as much as I enjoy mine."

Below are my personal favorites, but she has dozens of fabrics to choose from.

Do you want to win one of these dear things from Covers by Cami? You know the procedure. Even if you're a non-nursing person, this is a great gift for your next baby shower.

Now, let's feature the lovely Becki from Whippy Cake.

Here sweet story is as follows:

"Welcome to Whippy Cake! I am Becki, originator and entrepreneur of Whippy Cake. I am your text book creative junkie. My days are overwhelmed with inventive and clever projects.

This apple didn't fall far from the tree. My mother taught my 4 sisters and I everything we know and those talents have simply ripened over time. I'm a believer in enhancing my talents and using them to bring in a little extra income for our family. I love making unique clothing and accessories for mommies and babies at affordable prices.

My husband encourages all I do and is the logic behind my business. We have 2 cherubs together. Kingston is our oldest, his name suits him well as he reigns over our house. London was born this February and I love to adorn and embellish her already sweet and adorable life with ruffles and lace.

Simply put, my life could not be better if I planned it out myself. "

Becki's excited to give away a Cheeky Cherry Jumbo Whippy Cake charm to some lucky winner.
Here it is, but you're going to want to browse Whippy Cake to see the other darling creations she comes up with.
Become a follower of My Dear Trash and Whippy Cake, leave a comment under any blog entry and you're entered to win.

Tomorrow, we'll have more ladies and they're goodies featured. Good luck to those who enter to win and remember the Fraser Fields Swap on February 27 at 9:30. Click on the Fraser Fields Swap button at the top of the page for more directions & more information.


  1. What a great bunch of giveaways! I love the Pursnickety Shop, oh my gosh, she's got cute things! All the things I love to shop for! I'm a follower of My Dear Trash, but I can't find a follower button on Pursenickety, so I'm following via Google Reader!

  2. I am a follower of all three plus your blog! I especially love the Whippy Cakes necklace. I hope I will. *fingers crossed*

    Thanks for the entry!

  3. You find some of the best stuff at the Goodwill. My Goodwill is stinky compared to yours ;-( I'm a follower

  4. Fabulous giveaway! I love the purses and covers and I adore Whippy Cake :)

  5. Laura, I'm a big new fan! And I have to brag - I found a large, beautiful dining table at Goodwill yesterday - for $1!! It's going to be a fun project to update, I'm so excited! I love this giveaway idea...

  6. Lindsay, I'd love to feature your $1.00 dining table; before and after on My Dear Trash. I love meeting fellow trash collectors. Email me at and tell me what else you've found. Any of you other ladies, if you want to be featured with your trashy finds email me too.

  7. I'm a follower too and would love to be entering for the giveaway at the swap!