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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big Challenge! Week 2

Here we are, Week 2 of The Big Challenge! If you don't know what The Big Challenge is you can read about it here. I'm SLOWLY working toward that $4,000 by June 1st. This week I listed 35 items on ebay- 13 of those sold as well as 7 items from last week that were relisted at .99. Here are some of my top sellers:

Coldwater Creek denim skirt: 12.00Ralph Lauren Women's size 14 jacket: 9.99Lane Bryant size 18/20 hot pink top: 9.57.

One of my disappointments:

Cute Calvin Klein denim dress... .99 (I really thought this one would go higher) And the wild card of the week...
Max & Mable New with tags (original price 162.00) 100% silk skirt. Result...
Did not sell! So disappointing. But as Laura's says, it's the law of averages. So I will continue to list as many good quality items I can find to get my Family to Disney World. This next week I have a great line up for Craigslist- keep your fingers crossed for me. Love, Kelly
Ebay Profits: This week: 156.91 Challenge Total: 216.93

Craigslist Profits: This week 0 Challenge Total: 20.00

This weeks Costs: -35.00 (clothes) -38.99 (ebay fees- OUCH!) Total Costs: -98.99

Total Profits: 137.94

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  1. Great Job. I hit salvation Army $1 day (all clothes) this morning. I think I did quite well. On ebay things I prob spent $30. I got 2 Ralph Lauren button down tops womens sz 20w. 1 pink 1 blue. Also some nice Lane Bryant capri slacks. I am going to try and make money to pay off my car and credit cards by the end of the year. I Can do it. Thank you for the added insperation.