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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Big Challenge!

The Big Challenge!

Okay, here it is , THE BIG CHALLENGE. My 20 year old is 2 1/2 weeks into her Disney World Internship and we’re missing her like crazy. So, How do you take 2 adults and 5 children on a week long vacation to Disney World? After much research and the application of special discounts my daughter receives, it has been determined that for a mere $4,000, our family can visit the Happiest Place on Earth for 1 week.

This includes flight, 7 nights hotel, $100 per day for food and 5 day park hopper tickets (we actually will use some passes my daughter has, earn some passes by volunteering for a day and purchase 1 child and 2 adult, 3 day park hoppers)

I believe my profile says I’m a stay at home mom, so how can I gather $4,000 by June 1, 2010? EBAY, CRAIGSLIST and GARAGE SALES, that’s how. For the next 3 1/2 months I will sell clothes on ebay (thank you Laura for all your tips) sell anything I can find on Craigslist and everything else at two different garage sales (one to be held in March, one in May)
By posting this on My Dear Trash I figure it will make me more accountable. I also hope to inspire others who may need to raise some extra funds for a family trip, mortgage payment, food... (these are rough times) I will keep a running tally and update you each week. Week 1 has ended and was quite interesting. It started at Goodwill’s dollar day-

I found, what I thought to be, 20 fantastic ebay worthy clothing items. I came home, only to discover 3 of the items had either missing buttons, stains, etc. After a few items were found at garage sales I listed a total of 23 itmes. At the end of the week only 6 Items sold! Looks like I have a lot to learn about ebay. The items that didn’t sell were relisted for .99- This is how Laura does it. Those totals will be included in next weeks tally. Items purchased at Goodwill that are discovered to not be ebay worthy or, don’t sell after being listed for .99 will be returned. (Goodwill is fantastic about taking things back) Here are my top selling items for Week 1:

Tommy Bahama Silk skirt 8.00

Gap Women’s Sweater 7.77

J Jill Blouse 7.00. And the WILD card item of the week (I thought it would be fun to pick some funky article of clothing, list it and see what happens!) An Irish Linen, fish embroidered, Talbots skirt. Result...

SOLD... $5.50. Each item sold also has a handling fee, so that will be added to my profits. I will need to pay my ebay fee’s at the end of each month, so I will deduct those later. Next week I hope to sell something in the double digits!

Week 1 For Craigslist...
I sold my baby swing for 20.00 (A great deal for me, as I paid $5.00 1 year ago, at a garage sale) Through-out this challenge I will need as much encouragement as I can get, so please, please leave me a comment. Let me know any suggestions you may have and if you want to join the challenge. See how much extra cash you can earn. Wish me luck. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week 60.02 Total: 60.02

Craigslist Profits: This week 20.00 Total: 20.00

Total Costs: -25.00

Total Profits: 55.02


  1. I will be watching this post with interest and for ideas...keep it can do it!

  2. Tip #1--don't have a $1 garage sale. It was really fun for a challenge, but . . . I'm sure I could have made a lot more than I did. Still and all, it was all going to go to DI anyway . . ..

  3. Good Luck! I have a family of 8 and we are planning to go to Disneyland the first week in August. I was able to book a hotel with a family suite for only $465, plus tax. It is a Days Inn but it has really good ratings. I too am a stay at home mom. I have a princess in my house that will be starting school this year. She is my last baby and only girl. I want to take her there before she stops believing in fairy tales.

  4. I am so inspired by you. I have been doing a little ebay here and there for a few months. I have been putting lots together because I thought it would add more value. It has done ok but I am going to try one item at a time. What stores have you had the best luck? I don't find much in Mesa. Is it alot better outside of Mesa? Thanks. Jaime in AJ

  5. I have great luck at Garage Sales and Goodwill. Mesa has always been good to me. I used to live in Gilbert and had great luck there as well- I still go garaging in Gilbert every once in a while. Good Luck to you.

  6. You amaze me! I found you on Craigs a while back when you were selling a dresser of some sort. I linked over to your blog, and have been addicted ever since! I grew up on yard sales and thrift stores and have done what you do before! (Definitely not for an income, just for extra) I think you are incredibly talented!

    I have a question for you... I have a BIG round wall clock that I bought for $5 bucks. It has a running motor but it does not work, you can only hear the motor running). If I cannot get this fixed for a reasonable price, I thought of converting it into a side table. It is about 24" in diameter. Any pointers on how I might do so? I would love to hear what you have recommended for me.

    You're amazing and I envy your bargains and profits!

    Erin N.

  7. Erin N.
    Oh! My head is so spinning. The idea of using a clock as a table top is fantastic. Without seeing the clock here's my first thought- pick up an inexpensive round side table from a garage sale- I find these all the time. Either remove the current top, or screw the clock directly to the top. I have a table in my garage that would be perfect for this- I may have to steal your idea! If you have more questions feel free to email me some pictures of the clock- that will help. Please, please, please send before and after pics, we would love to feature this unique idea. Good luck and thanks for the comment.

  8. Thank you for the comment on my idea! I thought of this idea not too long ago from the help of my grandmother who has the most envious chess table in the world! I thought that it would be more perfect to have a clock as a top piece to an end table as opposed to a regular piece of glass. I am so excited to convert this rustic clock into an end table, but am nervous to do so. I am a teacher, not a woodworker. Here is a link to what my clock looks like that I bought at a sale for $5 bucks! If I ever finish this project, I will for sure send you emails of the outcome! Thank you for the help and yes you may steal this idea! I would LOVE to see your masterpiece!

  9. I just started following and I am so glad. I need to raise some money for moving expenses. I'm doing a yard sale. But seeing what kind of profits you are making on ebay and craigslist, I just need to get of my behind and post them. Thanks for the inspiration and good job and getting so close to your goal! Maybe I should make DisneyWorld the goal next year. My kids would adore me for it.

  10. Kelly, finally found your Big Challenge! So inspiring! I'm taking your advice and now working on my big challenge to help my son get on his mission (no call yet....). Thanks for your love and support!