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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Payson Rocks

Everyday on his way to school, Payson walks by a house with a rock yard.
He usually stops and admires the variety or rocks, wondering which have crystals or diamonds inside. He’ll hold them up to the sun and watch them sparkle. He loves rocks, but he especially loves these rocks, I think because they are so accessible. Most days he begs “Mom, can I please bring this one home.”

He holds up a rock, certain this one is the treasure.

I remind him they are not our rocks and if he took some home everyday, there’d be no more rocks in our neighbor’s yard.

This type of rational thinking does not go over well with a 7 year old boy holding a rock he really wants.

Last week, this situation took a drastic turn. It turned to tears.

“Why are you crying,” I ask Payson when he walks in the front door after school.

“I wish I could have those rocks,” he says.

Sometimes a mother has to take matters into her own hands.

“You want rocks?” I say, sounding like a military sergeant determined to win a war, “Then rocks you will have.”

I pile 5 kids, one dog and a huge box into the car and off we drive to the gorgeous desert of Lehi, Arizona. It takes all of 5 minutes to get there, but before our eyes is a desert full of rocks.

Rocks for Payson to discover.

My little hunter and gatherer, bringing home his treasured rocks.

Now the rocks sit in our front yard and everyday he breaks several open with a hammer. He runs inside to show me the sparkles inside his rocks, but I just see the sparkle in his eyes. I love you, buddy.

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