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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top Sells of the Week and a spider

I swear, I write in my sleep. You have to believe me.

I have a little keyboard in my head that is constantly typing.

This morning I woke up to the following title in my head:

Alone with a Spider

And my mind was chanting in rhyme, my mental keyboard typing the words out right in front of me.

I’m all alone with a spider and I don’t know what to do

I can sweep it in a dustpan or squash it with my shoe

I’m all alone with a spider and it takes two steps my way

Its cowboy boots begin to squeak and its blonde wig starts to sway

I’m all alone with a spider and eye to eye we stare

When its red cape catches on the leg of a worn-out wooden chair

I’m all alone with a spider; it checks its watch for the time

It swings its guitar across its back and starts to sing in rhyme.

So, in honor of the spider of my dreams, I'm going to allow it to rhyme my top Ebay sells of the week. Don't let me down, spider.


Can anyone say "totally out-date Levi Silver-tab jeans" for sell

Post them on Ebay and they'll sell for very well.

(purchased for .50 cents at a garage sell, they sold for $27.76)

Men's Guess jeans from the early 1990's, let's give Ebay a try

If they sell at all, I think I'm gonna cry.

(purchased at the same garage sell for .50 cents, they sold on Ebay for $12.50)

Abercrombie & Fitch jeans you never let me and my eight legs down

You sold for $20.50 after I paid for you with $1.00 dollar I had found.

This Ralph Lauren Polo large fleece jacket has been kept in the winter stash

It sold for $19.99, another reason why I love my dear trash.

A size 0 Banana Republic Dress, you know how we feel about your tiny size

But when you sell for $14.99, you turn into a prize.

This like-new zip-front Coldwater Creek shirt sold for $23.00 last week

I'm so happy about this my little mouth can barely speak.


We'll, surprisingly, Spider did a pretty good job, but not really, who am I kidding

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