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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Candlestick Redo

There are certain things that I never pass up at a garage sale: Decorative birdcages, cute lamps, anything iron and candlesticks. Well, one very lucky weekend I spotted two of these 2 1/2 foot tall candlesticks. Everything that had a price tag at the sale seemed a little expensive, so I cautiously asked, "How much are your candlesticks?" The sweet, sweet lady replied, "How about $1 each?" I quickly scooped up the candlesticks and ran to my car before she changed her mind. When I got home I wasn't really sure what I would do with my new treasure. So I did the only thing a girl can do- I spray painted them. After giving them a nice even coat of black, I realized how great they would look on my Thanksgiving table- only I was going with brown shades this year. So... I sprayed them brown (actually my 20 year old daughter sprayed them brown) I decided to go with burlap this year for our tablecloth- not only is it cheap (1.99 a yard at JoAnns) but I wanted a more primitive tablescape. My mom sewed me up some really cute cloth napkins and we used a piece of jute tied into a bow for the napkin ring. While looking at the pretty jute bows I got the idea to add some jute to the candlesticks. I tried a few different looks, but liked a solid wrap around the stick the best.Here's the finished candlesticks on my Thanksgiving table.

They were a fun additon and tall enough to not get in people's way when trying to visit. Not bad for $2! Hope you enjoyed. Love, Kelly

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