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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sometimes You Fall In Love

It was 9:30am on a Friday.  After taking the baby to the doctor for double ear infections, Mr. Right and I had gotten a very late start to our garage sale day.  We pull up to the first house and there it is...

"I have to have that birdcage!"  I jump out of the car to see a $10 price tag.  I'm amazed!  It's 9:30, all the good deals should be gone by now, right?  Even though I think it's a great price, I still try to negotiate.  "Will you take $5 for the birdcage?"  "No, it's my brothers and $10 is the lowest he'll go."  I'm reminded that their must be a published book about having garage sales that says, "if you don't want to negotiate on your prices, just say the item belongs to some random family member and that they live in some foreign part of the country so you wouldn't be able to contact them to lower the price."  because I hear this response quite often.  But, regardless of non-negotiation, I have to have it, I'm in love.  So I shell out the 10 big ones and Mr. Right packs it in the car.  After a few lonely weeks in the garage I finally had the chance to paint it with my favorite Rustoleum heirloom white and then added a little Ralph Lauren faux technique, smoke, to age it.  I love the way it turned out.  Here it's pictured with my latest finds over the past month or so.  Mr. Right did a little photo shoot this weekend so I had him take a big family pic of all my latest acquisitions.  I'll be posting some before pics, as well as the prices I paid, all week.  

Now, the hardest part is finding a place for all my new lovelies!  Happy Garaging.  Love, Kelly


  1. I love the stars around the bottom of the birdcage. How cool, and it looks so great.

  2. Your birdcage looks great. I found one two weeks ago very similiar to yours for only $2 My hubby finally got around to painting it. I will be doing a blog about it sometime this week