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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End Table Makeover

I found this gorgeous end table last weekend garaging.  
I knew it was amazing quality the minute I laid eyes on it and it is heavy.  The home owner said he paid over $200 for it, but when his daughter spilled fingernail polish remover on it and ruined the varnish top, he pulled it in to the give-a-way/garage sale pile.  
For $20, it was now my problem/blessing.

I brought it home, along with these heavy lonely cabinet doors I found at another garage sale for $5.00.  I just love the architectural design.  
Both needed a little make-over.
Thank heavens for the miracle of paint for helping this table become beautiful again.
And giving these cabinet doors a new look.
Date night fashion included a $1.00 Goodwill CAbi sweater (retails for around $130) and a $2.50 Plush and Lush Victoria's Secret black skirt (retails for around $48).
My little Tuscany table now sits at Antique Plaza and the gorgeous doors are at Qcumberz.


  1. Great finds! And great transformations! As usual. You've got talent girl. So, I'm curious how you achieved the look you got with those doors. I love them. Will you share?

  2. Laura, you are amazing and repurposing old furniture. Wow! And I love me some Goodwill clothes. Almost all of our clothes come from thrifts now and we dress better now than we ever did before! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else