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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opposing Juice

A few months ago, I realized my family was out of control with juice.  When one of my children was thirsty, juice was being poured instead of water.  When the juice was gone, it was a huge meltdown catastrophe for one particular four year-old who I was concerned about the most.  It wasn't just the cost of juice that had me concerned, but my kid’s health and teeth.  And when I read about arsenic in most juices, I’d had enough.

One day we ran out of juice and that’s when I decided no more.

But my kid's were addicts, so I started out slowly.  I purchased juice boxes and they could have one a day.  My four year-old Reef had a hard time.  Over a few days and then weeks, he learned the new rule and although he tried his best to obtain more juice boxes by climbing into the pantry and sneaking it, he started to understand.

Then, I had an idea.

I started with purified water and steeping several Celestial Seasonings blueberry tea bags and Calli mint tea by Sunrider in a large container.  

Sneaking in the Calli tea was very important to me.  Calli has done wonders for my health; from treating bronchial asthma to reoccurring phenomena, helping with morning sickness from pregnancies past; also weight loss and clear skin.  It detoxifies like nobody's business.  I can't say enough great things about Sunrider Calli tea.

Next, I mixed it a few teaspoons of Stevia; a natural sweetener that is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild in parts of Paraguay and Brazil.  Then, I mixed in a packet of Trader Joe’s pomegranate cherry drink mix packets, made with dried hibiscus and black carrots.  
It had the look and rich color of juice and it tasted great.  I called it special juice.

It’s so cute when Eden requests her special juice and my heavy drinker Reef doesn't even know the difference.  
This is Reef on hair gel.

I have it in the fridge at all times.  My kids have been particularly healthy during this horrible flu season.  Even the counselor is hooked because when he drinks it he knows he’s doing something good for his health. 
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  1. I am wondering the same thing??? And i will have to look into the calli tea..hmmm