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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Misaligned Ill-mannered Perfect Swing

I had these two old swings given to me.

I hung them on our tree in the back yard.  Eden spent more time swinging then I knew possible.  Problem was I noticed the swing smallest and easiest for her to get on her own twists when she goes too high.
I’m not sure where I went wrong.  Either I didn't hang it, tie it or space the ropes correctly because it’s a wobbly ride.  Eden starts out fine, but after a few pushes, she’s twisting and twirling. 

This was a problem
I had done it wrong.

I am not the handiest person.  I had spent over an hour getting both swings up in those hard-to-reach branches and now, I concluded I needed to undo all my sophisticated Boy Scout knots and start over.

I procrastinated.
I was in denial.
Certainly a crocked swing could correct itself overtime?

Besides, I had already done the best I could do when one afternoon while pushing Eden on our demented and slightly-challenged rockabilly swing (and thinking for the 100th time I need to take this swings down and start over), I noticed how much she loved it.

The higher I pushed, the more exciting the ride.

She was giggling as the unbalanced swing pushed her from side to side; unsure where the momentum would take her next.  It was anyone’s guess. It was better than a Disneyland ride.

I was so caught up in my error that I didn't see the real picture.  Eden loves her perfect dysfunctional swing.
I guess a swing’s fun no matter how you hang it and sometimes our best is good enough.
Happy Valentines Day and remember to love yourself, even with all your beautiful imperfections.
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  1. Why be perfect? Children don't usually know what is or isn't perfect until someone points out differently. I still enjoy a good swing and I am no Spring chicken.

  2. perfection is overrated in my opinion and this swing proves it!

  3. what adorable photos of Eden!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. As long as the kids have fun with it, why bother to be "perfect"??

  5. "the higher I pushed, the more exciting the ride." leave it to a child to make obvious what we sometimes overlook.

  6. There is beauty in the imperfect! How true!!! Excellent post!

  7. What a marvelous post!

    I love the expression on her face!

    And how you always find something good in everything!

    What a lovely mirror to give your daughter her own reflection in!

    Thanks for linking.