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Monday, February 18, 2013

70th Birthday Celebration

I wanted to share a few pictures from my friends 70th surprise birthday party.  I was thrilled to do the decor and be a part of this afternoon luncheon...

I've been hanging on to this frame for a while!  It's big and chunky and ornate.  I used an overhead projector and traced the information onto the chalkboard (my handwriting is atrocious).  It highlights some of the important milestones in Diann's life.    I sold this chalkboard just 2 weeks later at an vintage show for $95
The sign-in table featured an old treadle sewing machine base that we painted and then added a planked wood top.  
 This frame was picked up for a few dollars at a garage sale, painted and outfitted with twine to hold birthday messages.  I sold the frame at the same vintage sale for $20.
 Centerpieces were kept simple with tiffany blue barn wood boxes- made by Mr. Right, Hydrangeas and antique sheet music.
 Photos from Diann's life were displayed for all to admire.
 The menu included chicken salad sandwiches and veggies.  Delicious cupcakes and color themed candy were a sweet ending to a beautiful afternoon.  Surprise Diann!  Love, Kelly  


  1. Kelly, what a great post! It's always nice to see what you've been up to! Love that chalkboard! Have a great week! Michelle

  2. Man - if you're giving parties like that, can't wait for the big 70. Love that frame!