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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nathan Pacheco and Love

My mom re-introduced me to Nathan Pacheco; amazing singer and performer.  You see, when I lived in Herndon, Virginia as a teenager, Nathan’s family was a member of our church congregation.  Of course back then he was just an adorable little boy, not the famous talented songwriter he is now.
For Valentines Day, I asked my love to take me to see Nathan Pacheco at the Mesa Arts Center.  The counselor and I had no idea what we were in for.  Nathan started the evening singing the theme song from Avator.  
I was taken out of my somewhat crazy life and let love song after love song fill my heart.  My favorite song of the evening was Caruso.  Nathan explained the story of Caruso, how near the end of his life he reflected on his experiences; his travels, fame and money when all that mattered to him was the love he felt for his wife. 
I love that Nathan took the time to explain each love song he sang; after all most were sung in languages other then English.

I started to realize what we do for love, how we search for love and how we rediscover love.  The most beautiful songs in the world are sung about love; the most profound books are written about love and the most meaningful movies are portraying love. Love is a universal language.  It’s something we all desire.

I have a friend searching for love.  He’s dating here and there, not really sure what he’s looking for.  He recently started dating a girl who has other “guy” friends.  This bothered my friend; as he wanted an exclusive relationship.  He was ready to give up, he wasn’t sure where he stood because really in this game called love the rules are sometimes vague.  I reminded him what men have done through the ages to win the heart of the girl they love. 

“Have you ever watched a Disney movie?” I asked him.  “All though animated, there’s plenty to learn about love in these plots.  Most of the time the prince carries a sword.  Why?  Because he has to fight for his love.  He has to fight off a fiery dragon and cut through a forest of thorny bushes.  He has to find his love in hard-to-reach towers and awake her from near-death sleeping spells.  He has to hope her father or harder yet, animal friends will accept him as good enough.  And lastly, he has to be able to sing.”

Love; the purest of gifts that all deserve takes incredible determination and constant work to maintain.  I feel something that takes such work to obtain will be cherished and treasured.  I reminded my friend that God made it this way.  Why do we call it “falling in love?”  It does take a leap of faith.  With falling in love comes a bond that is unbreakable.  
The counselor carries on our Valentine’s Day tradition by planting me flowers.
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  1. Hmmmmmm. Nathan Pacheco, huh. He's a hot little cutie, isn't he.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Laura! Your own love story is inspiring, friend! And, hey, my Willow Janey has those pajamas, too...Love them!


  3. I will have to look for Mr. Pacheco's work...

    I hope your flowers bloom and bring you a lot of joy!

  4. Oh.


    What a neat post!

    I saw him advertised but didn't know who he was!

    It sounds like I really missed a treat!

    I'm glad you got to share him with your Valentine!

    Thanks for quite a nifty link.