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Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh La La Garaging Finds

It was a very Frenchy weekend out garaging.  Here's a look at my favorite oh la la finds...
 This french leg dresser will go on craigslist today.  Paid $40, will list at $150
 I fell in love with this french style settee.  Paid $50, will list for $195
 I picked up two of these french chairs for $25 each.  I'm not sure if I want to sell them as is or if I'll have my upholsterer cover them in burlap and feed sack- what do you think? And my favorite find that's not so Frenchy but that I'll be keeping...
A rusty metal Royal Crown Cola sign thats over 4' long. Only $5 at an awesome garage sale.  What did you find this weekend?  Can't wait to hear- leave us a comment.  Love, Kelly.


  1. Ooooo, GREAT finds! I think the chairs covered in burlap/feed sacks would look awesome! That sign is very cool! I purchased a hoosier cabinet from craigslist this weekend before the owner had her yard sale. I am going to use as a display piece in my booth. OMG, it is the perfect piece...........and so wonderfully imperfect ♥

  2. Great finds! I would NOT, however, cover that chair with burlap. I WOULD paint the chair and then cover it with a fabulous print. I'm all about juxtaposition in life, but burlap on french furniture is just wrong...much like distressing a MCM piece!

  3. I think the chair cushions would look amazing covered with the burlap. Hey, you can always try it & if it doesn't look right you can change it, right?

  4. Swooning over the settee. Wish I'd found it . . .

    And definitely burlap those chairs. They would sell in a microsecond.

  5. How about doing the chairs with a drop cloth? The khaki color would pair wonderfully with the white.