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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craigslist Sales

Despite the fact that I'm still battling whatever illness I have- I was able to reach my goal of listing 100 clothing items on ebay this week and now only have 100 more that I'll do next week. I'll keep you posted on how my sales go. I wanted to share a few recent craigslist sales...I purchased this corner computer armoire for my office 5 years ago on craigslist for $75. I painted it black and used it often when working on my theatre business. Now that I haven't been teaching theatre for the past 3 years it was time to clean out the office- it's now my storage room for items for the shop. It sold for $60

Another hot pink item! This dresser was part of my 22 year olds baby set. I thought I would hang onto it and see if we could repaint it for my grandson- however, we'd really like to get a low dresser that can be also be used as a changing table. This piece sold this week for $60
Remember the posts I couldn't sell at the shop. One of our local My Dear Trash readers contacted me- they were just what she was looking for- Sold the pair for $40. (She has such a fabulous idea for them and is willing to send pictures when she's done- can't wait to show you!)
And finally, I purchased this great sofa this past weekend for $40- super clean, super comfortable. Sold for $250. Love when that happens. What have you sold lately? Leave us a comment. Love, Kelly.


  1. What is your ebay seller name / store name, I bet you have awesome product for sale!!

  2. We had a trunk that my hubby bought years ago at an arts & craft fair. It has a sailboat/lighthouse/sunset scene hand carved in to the lid. He couldn't remember if he paid $75 or $100 for it but we sold it for $75 on craigslist. We replaced it with a larger Lane chest that we picked up next to a dumpster. The front feet and the piece that ran between them had fallen off but all the pieces were inside the chest. A few nails and some wood glue and my hubs had it fixed right up!