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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Could I ever raise a girl!

When I first found out I was having a girl, I was certain it wasn’t true.  I thought it was some sort of mistake.
After four boys, I just didn’t think it was possible.
Really, what was I going to do with a girl?  
Would she ever fit in this crazy house of basketballs, Tonka trucks and stinky athletic shoes?
How would I ever figure out all her needs?  
And pave a path for her so her future was bright?
Because everyone knows girls are so complicated.
And her hair, what would I do about that!
Surely, she'd feel out numbered because she was the only girl.
And boys are so rough and tumble, they would never get along.
My boys are always wrestling; they would never slow down to pamper a little girl.
Little girls are so fragile and mellow.
Dainty and delicate like a little flower.
A little girl would never want to play with trains,
or race cars, so I would have to plan different activities to please her.
What about her Daddy?  Would he find things to do with a little girl?
Would I really fall for all the little girl fads like pink tutu's and piggy tails?  
Plus, so many of her cousins are boys.  Not that would be a problem too.
Raising a girl would be almost impossible. 
So, God sent me the perfect little girl, picked straight from heaven
And life with Eden is beautiful.


  1. Aawww I loved this post Laura! Isn't it wonderful how a little girl can melt even the roughest little boys' hearts! She is beautiful and just the little touch of tenderness a house full of boys needed. That last picture, BEAUTIFUL... :)

  2. I can identify with your concern for a little girl fitting in w/ brothers!!! I just had my only precious daughter a few weeks ago. :D

  3. So cute. Both her, her brothers, and your story. I felt this way when I had my little boy. And now I just love watching him build things and talk about becoming a construction worker when he grows up.

    God just gives us what we need!