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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Baby Doll That Shut's Her Eyes

Little Princess had her birthday this weekend.  I can’t believe she’s already two.  Funny thing about these pictures, how they showcase her inability to keep her hair in piggy tails.  I fix her hair and about an hour later, she's pulled out the rubber bands or hair clips.  Still, she looks pretty gorgeous.  
Grandma and Grandpa bring a present for her; a baby doll she just loves.
The time has gone by so fast.  My little girl is such a light in our home (notice her braids have come undone and she's enjoying wearing her big brothers stinky shoes).  
She is a smiley little thing with a dynamic personality.   
She loves babies and points them out anytime she sees one; at the grocery store, church, and loves her little baby cousins Emma and Adalene.

Most days Eden carries around her own baby doll.  She almost always has a baby tucked under her arm.  At bedtime, I lay her down with her baby doll at her side.  I tuck Eden in, then the baby.  I tell Eden I love her, then I tell the baby.  I rub Eden’s sweet cheeks, I rub the baby doll’s as well.  Last week, after I finished this routine, Eden was upset and crying.  She pointed to her baby, like I forgot to do something.  I told the baby doll again I loved her, patted her head, tucked her blanket up to her chin, but Eden wasn’t satisfied.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Finally, Eden got through to me.  After nights of her upset at bedtime, she started blinking her eyes, shutting them for several seconds at a time and that’s when I realized she was upset the baby didn’t shut her eyes when it was time to go to sleep.  I explained to Eden the baby doll couldn’t shut her eyes and that’s when I realized her baby doll isn’t just a doll to her, it is a real little baby who should do real little baby things.  I found his realization almost sacred.  When Eden carries her doll, pushes her in the stroller or wraps her in a blanket, she is caring for a baby that is as real to her as any other baby we see.  I realized we are engrained with certain instincts that come straight from heaven.  My little Eden is a good mommy to her baby.  I remember feeling the same way when I played with my dolls.  What joy I had when as a little girl myself, I pretended to be a mother.

This weekend, I found a baby doll at a yard sale for .25 cents that closes her eyes when she lays down.
Imagine Eden’s surprise when she laid down that night with her baby doll in bed, all tucked in and her eyes were closed. 


  1. Oh, that's so sweet. <3 Happy birthday Miss Eden!

  2. Happy Birthday Eden!
    She is such a adorable little girl. (Pigtails or not) *hehehe*

  3. Beautiful entry--the sacredness of being a mother.

  4. Awwww...she is so beautiful. I love the crinkled pig-tailed taken out hair!

  5. That looks EXACTLY like the doll my sister had 25+ years ago. She carried that doll everywhere! I hope Eden loves her as much as my sister loved hers!