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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another trip to Qcumberz

I had plenty to clean out today in the garage.  Today was a Qcumberz day; a day when I take completed projects down to the shop.  Qcumberz is in downtown Phoenix, about 1/2 an hour from my home.  It's an all day affair, but I really look forward to this time.
The counselor was home, caring for the little ones as I packed up the truck.  
The kids are going to the zoo with daddy.  Everyone is excited for today.
Reef had a few projects of his own to show me before I left on my adventures.

So, what am I taking to the shop?
I found this mail box at a garage sale for $1.00.  
I’ve had luck selling old mail boxes, I just thought I’d give this one an official addressee.
I’ve been meaning to fix up this old chair.
I found a scenic vintage pillow case and it worked perfect for the new fabric for the seat cushion.
Painted black, then touched it up with my favorite green.
Last week while at garage sales, I found this old folding table and chairs for $40.00.  
The owner of this cute little set, a woman in her late fifties, said her grandma had it pulled cart and buggy from her home in Washington State down here to Arizona.  The owner also said she remembered as a little girl when her grandmother painted it orange and black.  
I love it as-is.  I used a little glue to secure all the joints and the chairs and table are as good as new. 
Eden helped me with this old wood box.
We painted it up and modge-podged it with the word GROW.  I bri-waxed this $2.00 thrift store shutter and painted pink this metal hanging heart.
I painted another turquoise end table and fixed up this wood garbage can.
I found more vintage owls. I just painted the frames and distressed them a bit.
I paint this retro end table dresser an heirloom white.
And this little $10.00 French dresser painted up in Disney purple and silver.
With a little help, I bring everything in and start setting up.
Lots of stacking.
The chairs hang from the ceiling.
I usually stop at Chipotle on the drive home and pick up burritos for dinner.  The last thing I want to do when I get home is cook.  I just want to dip my chips in the best guacamole around and let the counselor tell me all about his time at the zoo with the little ones!


  1. I'm not from the area, so I've never been to Qcumberz. I'm curious. Is this a store that has many different vendors or is it your own private store?

  2. Karen,
    Qcumberz is mostly stocked by the owners Ron and Dillon, but they do have about 12 vendors (including Laura and Me) that pay rent and commission for them to sell our items. For those who are curious we pay a 20% commission and rent on an 8x10 space is approx. $160 a month. Hope that helps.