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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kindergarten Class Photo Christmas Ornament & Give-Away from Peppertowne

I think I’m finally growing into this.
And I think I like it.
I remember the first time I was published.
It was here in Phoenix, in a local newspaper.  I wrote a piece about Earth Day.
I found my story in the newspaper while I was working an Earth Day event out in Scottsdale called Sun Festival.
There was my name in print.  I put the newspaper in my purse, certain I’d keep it forever. 
I was over the moon.   My writing career was off and running. 
7 years later, I’m still writing, but I don’t know where I put that newspaper.  It’s lost in the hustle and bustle of life.  I’ve had a few more small pieces published.  I've jumped up and down, called the counselor at work talking so fast he didn't know what the heck I was trying to say because I was bubbling over with joy, but I’ve also matured.
Reality set in long ago.
Writing isn't all about getting published, is it? 
(que violin music)
Starting My Dear Trash was a way to combine several different loves into one outlet.  First and for most my love of writing.  Actually, it seemed silly to write about trash, but because of a dream I had (click here to read more about that), trash it was. Trash is the one thing all my friends want to talk about.   We’ll actually; they want to know how much money I’ve made recently off trash.  That’s were eBay and came aboard.  I can’t leave them out of the experiment.
I'm starting to see myself as a professional seller of trash, especially after working last weeks estate sale with Kelly.  I get it.  I can actually make money as often as I want off the trash I find out garaging and thrifting, working estate sales, running an eBay store, etc.  
In this economy, this is a huge blessing.  I'm living the American dream; to buy cheap; sell high.  
Wow, it really works.  
The work is steady.  If I need more, I go shopping.  It's out there if I go looking.
This year, I'm spending more time working trash on eBay then working on getting my novel published. It was hard taking a step back, but it's been good for me and pays much better then writing.
Last year, I had a great find right before Christmas (click here to read more about that).  While out garaging one Saturday, I walked into a garage sell where a woman and her grown son put together a gigantic Christmas tree in their front yard.  The goal was to get it displayed for their garage sale and get it sold.
“What a gorgeous tree,” I said.  “Is it for sell?”
“Yes, it is,” she said.  “I’ll give you the deal of the day.”
What I’ve learned when people say “I’ll make you a deal” is they really want whatever “the deal of the day is” gone, out of the house and never seen or heard of again.  They don’t care what you do with it.  Most likely, you don’t need or want it, but “the deal of the day” is hard to pass up.  Just look at Kelly's vintage buffet she picked up last weekend for $10.00.  That was "the deal of the day" too.
Anyway, back to the tree.  I had a modest 6 foot tree back at home.  I wasn’t really looking for a new one, but I could tell this one was nice and expensive.
“How tall is it?” I asked, staring up in to the sky.
“It’s 10 feet,” she said.  “I’ll sell it to you for $1.00 a foot.”
“$10.00?” I confirmed. 
That’s how I found my gorgeous 10 foot pre-lit super sturdy forever beautiful tree.
 At the same sale, I purchased a box of 60 collectible Hallmark ornaments for $40.00.
Yeah.  Merry Christmas to me.
I sold a couple on eBay and earned my $40.00 back.
This year, I was waiting for the Christmas garage sale karma to kick in again.
And it did.
With this little box of goodies.
A box of about 25 vintage Christmas Around the World 1980 ornaments that I purchased for $1.00.
Thank you Mayer, for decorating the tree this year while the rest of us sat around and watched.  You learned when you're 5 and do all the work, you get to pick if you want your kindergarten class picture displayed as an ornament.
More early Christmas presents for me?
I found ths vintage buffet with hutch for $30.00.  
I've been looking for something retro and huge.  This does the trick.  I want to paint it, but I want it up in my home for the holidays even more.  I know it will take me months to get around to painting it. Hey, we can’t all be like Kelly.
And Merry Christmas to you.  
Amy over at Peppertowne has offered the following give-away to a lucky reader of My Dear Trash.  She writes:

I would like to give away some of my custom photo Christmas cards. I came out with a new style of Christmas letters that I'd like to showcase and would like to give-away 25 custom cards to one person.  The winner can pick their favorite Christmas card from my shop, whichever one they like best I will customize, add their photo and mail them the cards.


 Leave a comment below, become a follower of My Dear Trash and Peppertowne and your qualified to win.  Winner will be announced Friday.  Good luck.
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  1. hi there I read your blog every day here in the UK and absolutely lovely your finds and am so envious, as we don't have garage sales in the same way, or GOODWILL either! We do have Car Boot Sales, and Jumble Sales, but in winter they are few and far between. I also love reading about your families. Keep up the good work. I just love reading about your lives somewhere warm (currently it -5 here at 11.50 am)! Heather in the UK

  2. Funny, I was thinking you should be writing a column in your paper about "finding treasures in the trash" or whatever. Itd combine your two biggest gifts...writing and treasure hunting. AND you'd be getting paid to do it!
    My mother in law would LOVE those ornaments! We just got back from Disney and her favorite ride of all time is Its a Small World. Its the only ride she cared to do while we were there. She goes to it every time shes gone to the park:)

  3. I love your site and check it daily (I'm a follower)! I just started following the other site and I love those cards...I love that the letter is printed right with the photo :)

  4. I recently discovered your blog and I am a total addict! Would love those photo cards!

  5. Not only you do a great job on teaching "us" how to make money out of trash, but you do it in a way that your writing skills "shine". I love to turn on my computer everyday and start reading your blog, it has become part of my daily routine. Have a very Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!

  6. Ok, what you do seems so much fun. I might have to get into this. I seriously want to start doing this. Oh and the photo cards would be great too! :0)

  7. Your blog is so inspiring! When I don't feel I have the energy to drag Hubs out of bed for some Saturday morning Garage Sale-ing, I just have to check this blog out and I'm ready to hit the streets!

  8. Pictures on a Christmas tree is a wonderful idea!!!

  9. OOOH! I love your vintage ornaments....what great finds, especially your 10 foot tree!

    And I love Mayer's pick of the class photo :o) Each of our 3 have their kindergarten photos on handmade little ornaments that hang on our tree :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Running late again on blog reading! Please stop by, if you can.

  10. wow, those vintage ornaments are a cool find! ... I had a friend who lived off of buy low sell high (mostly clothes) for decades ... she was amazing at spotting a deal and turning a profit. good luck to you

  11. What great things you find! The tree, buffet--unbelievable!

  12. I love your enthusiasm. I love the way you attack a problem (like getting a laptop) and just do it!

    You are an inspiration!

    And someday I want to watch you in action. I bet it is a sight to behold.

    And your sons Kindergarden picture is really the icing on the tree!

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday!