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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Latest Project

Things have been a little crazy around my house lately- Even my two year old was overwhelmed!It has been a blur of activities that all seemed to be scheduled on the same days. We had an estate sale 2 weekends ago for a client in Phoenix- turns out that our family party was scheduled for that same night- and it was being hosted at my house. Thankfully, this side of the family is fun, friendly and forgiving of my dusty house. Day 2 of the estate sale was shared with my 18 year olds Winter Formal- Dinner was being hosted at my house. Thankfully, another parent made the amazing Mexican food and brought extra to share with us. Doesn't she look beautiful! Monday was spent cleaning out the estate house and tool room, followed by Tuesday when we started to prep for another estate sale! Friday was day one of the sale and also a Christmas party for my 12 and 13 year old ( and 15 of their friends). Thankfully, I had subway cater.
Saturday completed our second day of a very successful sale and was shared with my 7 year olds Christmas party (and 12 of her friends)

Thankfully they were sweet kids and all my older daughters helped pull it off. Just when I thought I could take a deep breath, we woke up Sunday morning to our White Labrador in labor... Thankfully she waited until things had slowed down. And so my latest project...

Nine little white puppies to remind me to slow down and enjoy the sweet things in life.Even when our lives get busy and hectic we can see the many blessing that are given to us. I hope we can all slow down long enough to enjoy the season and see the miracles in our lives. Love, Kelly.


  1. Your sale was great last weekend. There were a few more things that I wish I would have bought on Friday because I never made it back on Saturday to see if your prices had gone down. Good job and I'm sure I will see you again at another garage sale... maybe even another one of your Estate Sales.

  2. Those puppies are precious! And Im tired just reading of your hectic schedule(although ours isnt any less busy).
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Sounds like you've been even busier than usual. That first photo of your little one made me laugh; looks just how I feel sometimes! Your 18 yr. old is lovely and so are those new little pups.

  4. Kelly, I too feel tired and amazed reading that schedule! I never could pull it off so gracefully. I love the pics. Your girls and puppies are beee-utiful. Merry Christmas