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Monday, December 13, 2010

Can I Sell More Trash?

Last week, I wrote about being a “professional at something.” Not until recently have I really understood that this “selling trash” can be a serious career. I’ve been doing it just for fun.
For over a year, I’ve watched how Kelly works. I’ve seen her take what I do on eBay, add her own sugar & spice to the formula and she’s profiting big time. Like you, I’ve read what she looks for, how she refinishes or fixes up, how she stages, but recently, I’ve been amazed even more.
The last few months, she’s helped others hold estate sales. Estate sales are a step up from your normal garage sale. Unlike garage sales, where a homeowner sells a variety of items they no longer want, estate sales contain an entire home full of treasures galore. Kelly advertises the estate sell she’s helping with on several websites. She organizes, stages and prices each item before the sale. The home looks beautiful, things are clearly organized and people know what they are expected to pay. She holds the sale on Friday and Saturday. There is no negotiating on prices until the final hour of the sale. This weekend her estate sale was a huge success. It was packed with eager shoppers and people carried armfuls of linens, holiday décor, kitchen supplies and more. Hard work pays off and I’m so impressed with what she’s been able to accomplish.
With this mindset, I’m slowly learning how to look at trash differently.
I recently purchased a pair of heavy-duty roller blades at a garage sale for $1.00. 
 I really don’t need them, but for $1.00 I couldn’t pass them up. I justified my purchase in many ways. New, roller blades can sell for $100.00. Maybe one of my brothers would want them. What if Payson or Chandler have a friend over and he wants to roller blade with them? What if I need a pair of roller blades in case of an emergency? Has this really ever happened? (Hey, you never know). Genius! I have an extra pair. When I returned home, the buyer’s high faded. I realized I already had three pair of roller blades sitting in the boy’s closet. So later, when I ran into Kelly I asked her if any of her daughters wanted/needed a pair of roller blades.
“Why don’t you just sell them on Craig’s List,” she said.
Roller blades on Craig’s list?
I didn’t even think of that. For furniture and clothes, my mind goes there, but certain items I still see and pass them by, not realizing I have many sources of re-sale to make a profit.
Today, I will put them on Craig’s list for $20.00.
Here are a few of my last few weeks finds. Remember, I’m thinking outside of the box and am trying to be a bit unorthodox in re-selling.
This lamp was $1.00. 
 Like the roller blades, I didn’t really need this lamp, but something told me for $1.00 I couldn’t pass it up. It’s stainless steel. I will put it on Craig’s list for $20.00.
These vintage candlesticks are almost three feet high. 
 They are cast iron and heavy. I paid $5.00 for them. When I purchased them, I had no idea what for, but now I think I’ll try to resale them on Craig’s list or at the next estate sale Kelly holds.
Vintage dresser fixtures? (I didn't take the time to clean the glitter of the table.  After all, this is real life.)
O'neil back pack?
All items at garage sales for cheap.
Finally, something for me to keep. I purchased this huge bookshelf/entertainment center for $15.00. 
 I think it will work great for storing my eBay clothes. Currently, my eBay clothes sit on a spare bed, where I shuffle through them when it’s time to ship. I hope to get more organized. I think this will help as I try to move more merchandise.
And in Arizona, you can never have enough pool toys. 
 The pool may be too cold for swimming, but that didn’t keep Mayer and Reef from playing with these $1.00 garage sale swim toys.
What did you find this weekend?  Anything to resale?


  1. I loved the lamp and oneil backpack but rest of the dins are amazing. It's kind of very typical compliment for your finds...isn't it!?!

    I think I should start the culture of Garage Sale in India too...


  2. hey! i love your blog!! really keeps me going! i have been meaning to ask you guys about ebay stores? do you know anything about them? how come you and kelly dont have one? you do sell many items.. isn't it worth it to have a store? i.e more photos, clearer photos..... i would love to hear what you know or think about opening a ebay store.!!!!! thanks!

  3. HI. i enjoy reading your blog so much. reading it has inspired me to sell some of my own stuff. i was wondering if you have a way of listing an item in a way that it is searched most often. as in what goes into having a good listing? thank you for all the inspiring posts. :)

    P.S. I see that there's a button for Laura's ebay, is it also Kelly's ebay site? or is that under a different address

  4. I purchased 4 clothing this week that I know will sell! These are Australian brands that are popular. I tried following tips from Ebayers from the US with clothing but found that these brands are much better sellers for me:

    1 Cue Skirt for $6.00
    1 Witchery Skirt for $6.00
    1 Witchery handbag $1.00
    1 Jacquie-E dress for $5.00

    I have sold 2 Cue skirts in the past 2 weeks for between $20 to $26!!! So even thought $6 is expensive I know I will get my money back plus some.

    The witchery skirt I will wait for our winter as it's wool - but super gorgeous. The Jacquie-E dress I'm expecting to sell for $15. The witchery handbag I hope to get $20.

    All profits go into my Borneo fund inspired by the posts here for selling and for having set goals for the profit to sit in.

    Thank you for the continual motivation and fantastic posts.