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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas done "My Dear Trash" Style

Twas the night before Christmas so check out the trash,
Because buying my gifts "used" helped me save lots of cash.
The kids all dressed up in their matching P.J sets.
While the counselor and I knew we wouldn't be getting any rest
The boys finally fell asleep, 
(yes, Chandler's under there)
the princess did too
And Santa Claus and his elf’s had plenty to do.

I started shopping for Christmas presents a year ago.  That’s the beauty of shopping trash.  You never know what you're going to find. I have to be creative as to how I hide it, but this Christmas proved to be a good one indeed.
Let’s start with Chandler’s guitar.  He’s wanted one for several months, so I put the vibe out and this is what I found.
It was $20.00 at a garage sale, but technically it was free.
You see, I purchased this $5.00 partition at the same time and later sold it for $45.00 on craig's list.
 I earned $20.00, plus the guitar.
Same with Reef’s little Radio Flyer trike.
I paid $9.99 for it at Mesa Thrift.  On the same outing, I purchased these $9.99 J. Crew high heel trouser jeans.
  I later sold them on eBay for $24.99, so technically, the trike was free.
The mini-trampoline was $2.00, a favorite of the kids when they are playing Wii basketball.  
They jump, they shoot, and they score.
Speaking of scoring, Santa really scored with this $4.99 basketball hoop he found at Goodwill.  
I purchased this Nightmare Before Christmas shirt for $1.00 the same day. 
Who else out there dig's scrawny pale guys?  
This shirt sold for $6.99.
I guess that makes the basketball hoop another freebie.
Check out these slams on Christmas morning.
Oh, looks like the counselor got posterized!  Sha-zam!
Payson loves cuddling up with this giant Phoenix Suns flannel blanket.  
I found it this summer at Goodwill when no one is shopping for blankets.
And Chandler's medical dictionary from D.I.
Yes, he's the type of kid who asks for a medical dictionary for Christmas.
We could use another doctor in the family.
Mayer got the race dirt bike he wanted, thanks to a $20.00 garage sale find the last Saturday before Christmas.
And little Sister's cabbage patch dolls, all for under $10.00.
Giving isn't all about saving money,
but if you can do both at the same time, why not.
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  1. Sha-Zam! Now that is what I am talkin about. I think that is the cats meow that you got everything second hand and free.

  2. As always, you are an inspirationto all. I also believe in not breaking the bank in order to have a good, fun Christmas. I also got my four year old daughter a Barbie scooter for only $4 and my two year old boy a spiderman action figure and a bag of soldiers for only one dollar each. We bought some new things but I think I'll try to start shopping early in the year like you, so I can save even more. Thank you! And have a Happy New Year!

  3. Now that is impressive! I was proud of how many bargains I found, but it was no where near as bargain-ous as your deals were!

  4. Hi there. just stopping by from the blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at
    I have some gorgeous handmade giveaways going on so take a peek when you stop by:) Happy New Year to you!!!

  5. You're my kind of shopper! And I bet those items you sold thrilled somebody else! So recycling at its finest! Great finds! Vanna

  6. What a fantastic bargain shopper you are! Well done!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday~ Happy New Year!

  7. I'm jealous of your mini trampoline. I've had the vibe out for over a year now. I guess that I'm not projecting it enough.