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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Entrance Way Re-Do

Does anyone remember the dining room set I picked up in September for just $50? It included this table and 6 chairs... (filthy because the previous owner had it outside with their dogs)
and a buffet with hutch...The dogs got a little bored and chewed on two corners of the buffet...Well, this kicked off the desire to redo my entrance way. First thing I did was sold the table and chairs for $300 (just vacuumed them up and applied a little Old English oil to condition the wood) Then I sold the top of the hutch for $56. The buffet would become the center piece of my redo. It needed some repair because of the chewed corners so, Mr. Right removed the molding, recreated it using his fancy tools and I used wood putty to carve a new bottom corner. Here she is ready for paint...
I realized I didn't have any before pictures of the middle of my entrance- However, it was in the background of several pictures. Here's what the entrance looked like last Christmas...

And here's what it looks like today...I think it's a much more sophisticated look. Here's a peek at another corner...
And here's a different angle (a little blurry- but you can see the front doors- which I painted black)
If you missed my redo of the bench in the other corner go here. I absolutely love the transformation. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly


  1. I think it looks great! They area definitely need a more substantial piece and that's the perfect fit.

  2. I LOVE the way that turned out!! Gorgeous! :)

  3. I agree...its gorgeous and fills that space much better. Great job!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Absolutely FABULOUS!! I love the bench with all my heart, as well as the buffet! It all looks GREAT! No mention of where you got the scrolly thing above the buffet.

  6. Is that a door above the buffet?! I totally want that! :)