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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh No I Didn't Twilight.

My life
in a nutshell
is like living in a zoo
where the animals do not live in cages.
What's my outlet? How do I survive?
This weekend I was able to combine both my passions.
Yard Sales and Twilight!
Oh No I didn't!
Oh yes I did!
I paid $3.00 for this beauty at a yard sale. As we speak, it's on Craig's List for $40.00.
Some lucky girl, desperate house-wife or middle-aged woman is going to score with this collectible cardboard bookshelf.
Can't wait to see the next in the series. Who's with me?
I officially miss Kelly so much! I miss her posts and I know you do too!
Come home, Kelly, come home! (notice the use of the explanation points!)


  1. Oh Yes my daughter will be going to the triple feature of all twilights on 6/29 and seeing all 3 back to back with the new one starting at 12:01 6/30.

  2. Oh yeah! Way to combine the love! Hahaha! And yes....I'm no where near preteen anymore, but me and the girls already have a date to go and see Eclipse. ;0)

  3. My life is anything but glamorous, too. I don't think I know anyone whose is. But I did know Taylor when he was a little boy (I posted about it earlier this year). My daughter wants me to watch the series with her (she's 26), but I just couldn't think of him as a hunk, so I passed. I guess I'll have to stick with junking as my outlet. But I know you aren't alone in enjoying the movies. Have fun!

  4. I gosh I still haven't read the Twilight books, let alone seen the movies! I am so behind, must be all that blog reading.
    Thank you for your lovely and encouraging comment on my blog! It feels so good to know you are all on my side.

  5. Haha LOVE the picture! You are too awesome!!

  6. Found your blog and I'm hooked! Passing this blog award to you....