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Friday, June 18, 2010

Swimming Up Stream & Top EBay Sales of the Week

There’s an analogy I’ve used many times since having children.

It’s called Swimming Up Stream.

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Have you ever tried to swim up a stream? A creek? A river? You can swim all day, but you won’t gain any distance. Basically, you’re working to stay in the same spot.

At the end of the day, the counselor might say, “How was your day?”
I fold my arms across my chest, shake my head from side to side and say “Like swimming up stream.”

I only used this analogy when the counselor’s around. He’s the type of man who let’s me fall apart and doesn’t judge me for it later.

Posting on EBay while taking care of a precious newborn, an active two-year old, a five-year old who constantly teases the active two-year old and 2 school-aged children home for school for the summer is like swimming up stream.

Don’t even get me started on what it takes to get to the post office.

Even still, sales are better then ever. Here are my top sales of the week.

I bought this Women's BCBG MAXAZRIA Large Knee Length Cocktail Dress at the Huntington Beach Goodwill for $9.99. It sold for $34.00.

I found these Men's Buffalo David Bitton 34x34 Ruffer Denim Jeans at a yard sale for $2.00. They sold for $19.59.

This Men’s Thomas Burberry Medium Tan Brown Zip Up Jacket Coat was $1.00 at Goodwill. Goodwill’s original price tag was $24.99. I listed it for $24.99 on EBay and that’s what it sold for.

This Women’s Eileen Fisher Medium NWT 100% Merino Wool Sweater was $1.00 at a yard sale. It sold for $14.99.

I purchased this Women's XOXO NWT $52 Large Empire Waist Summer Dress on the clearance rack at Ross for $5.49. It sold on EBay for $16.49.

These Women's Gap Size 6 Tan Cropped Cargo Lowrise Pants were purchased at Goodwill in Huntington Beach for $5.99. They sold for $23.62.

These Women's Lucky Brand Black Size 2 Waist 26 Long Shorts were purchased at Goodwill in Huntington Beach in the kids section (they’re that tiny) for $1.99. They sold for $13.75.

You never know what you’re going to get when selling on EBay, but it’s always worth the work(juggling 5 kids too), even if it feels like swimming up stream.


  1. wow, so impressed. Since reading your blog, I've been going to yard sales every Saturday. I've found some great deals for myself and my family, (including an American Girl doll for my granddaughter for $1.00). We are headed for vacation next month and was trying to make extra $$, but I can't seem to figure out what sells best on Ebay. I know that kids clothes don't sell that well. But I'm now hooked on yard sales.

  2. Ebay was great to me last week, too. I sold a pair of Burberry golf pants(ladies) that Id gotten at Salvation Army for $4. They sold for $32. A month or so back I also found a Burberry girls dress and my daughter loved it although it was just too small. She wore it once to church and got food on it. UGH. Washed it and the hem FELL OUT. Listed it "as is" and it still sold for $41!!!! Last week I made $125 on Ebay...Im lovin it:)

  3. Wow, I'm impressed!! I'm planning on listing some more soon also, but my label stuff is pretty much non-existent. You're doing so well! Keep up the good work :)

  4. Laura
    I have started using the carrier pick up which is FREE and so wonderful. You should really consider. It is such a huge time saver.

  5. Childrens clothing used to be a big hit but I'm not seeing that anymore. Vintage items sell really well now.

  6. It's so motivating when you sell stuff, great job! I used to sell on ebay but just have my two etsy stores currently, I heard the ebay fees are quite high now, what do you think?