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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Talking Trash with the Goodwill Girls

Several weeks ago I received an email from Jessica, Public Relations Director at Goodwill Corporate of Central Arizona. Jessica has been following My Dear Trash since Kelly and I started blogging October 2009. How did she find us?

“I did a Goodwill google search and you guys popped up,” she said.

Jessica was impressed with not only the great trash Kelly and I find at Goodwill, but the way others in our community are encouraged to start shopping Goodwill. In other words, Kelly and I are doing a great job promoting Goodwill.

I’ve said before one of the great benefits of doing what I do is I give a lot of money to charity; not only because of the clothing I buy to sell on EBay, but because most of my personal shopping needs are done at thrift stores too. Christmas, birthdays, home decorating and more.

Jessica and I set a date to meet for lunch to discuss ways Goodwill and My Dear Trash can help each other.

I called Kelly Monday morning and asked “What are you wearing to lunch?”

“Trash, of course,” she said. This is why I love Kelly.

We both agreed to wear only our best trash and we looked hot in our $1.00 day outfits!

We meet with Jessica and Courtney, the marketing director, in Scottsdale for lunch. Of course I brought Princess Peanut.

These ladies from Goodwill are classy for sure, making a difference with their passion and creativity.

After our initial conversation of how cute Princess Peanut is, we got down to business

Some of our ideas?

For starters, to keep doing what we’re doing; promoting the great finds at Goodwill.

Next, to do features on a variety of seasonal/economical/personal and family needs that can be satisfied by shopping at Goodwill?

Did you know Goodwill has an amazing maternity section?

What about back-to-school shopping? Kelly’s girls have already found some amazing things.

Decorating a dorm room for under $100.00.

Summer finds.

High-end home furnishing on a budget.


Also, Kelly and I want to visit Goodwill’s throughout the state. Can anyone say road trip?

We will continue to brainstorm with Goodwill about new and exciting ways to feature their great trash?

What about our readers?

You are the reason any of this is possible.

Do you have any trashy ideas for us? Features? Stories? Let us know.


  1. Come up to Prescott and I'll take you out to the Goodwills up here! That would be really fun!

  2. I love shopping at Goodwill, but recently I have been reading reports of them trashing a lot of good stuff that doesn't sell. I've seen some pictures of stuff people have pulled out of dumpsters behind Goodwill and it's good stuff. I'd love an insiders report on how Goodwill really works.

  3. After reading your blog I never shopped Goodwill. I always dropped items off.
    That has changed!
    I do side photography and I was wanting a stool for a senior shoot. Well I did not want to spend a fortune, so I thought let me see what Goodwill has.
    Yippee! They had what I was looking for. The color wasn't right, but nothing that a can of spray paint can't handle.
    So, here forward I'm shopping Goodwill for all my props! Thanks to this blog I never would have thought of doing that.

  4. I love Goodwill! Every room in my house has a Goodwill treasure. I am dying to make it over to Scottsdale to the new store.

  5. Could you do a post on how you determine what price to ask for when you sell stuff on Craig's list? I want to list a fridge and a stroller on there but don't have any idea how to price these items.


  6. Love it! Thumbs up to you two. I hit the thrift stores regularly and was at Goodwill yesterday. Didn't find anything that I couldn't live without, but that is the best part - who knows what will show up on their shelves tomorrow!

  7. They should get you guys on Good Morning Arizona or other morning shows. You can put a room together or show off $1 finds. Thrift store shopping is all about the hunt. 90% is walmart/target stuff but other than that you can pull out some great finds. My daughter hates going with me but she has started shopping in my thrift store finds that have not been posted yet. It makes me smile when she gets complimented on the trash she wears.

  8. I enjoyed reading your posts...I just did a post on how I thought e-bay has practically died...I have sold there for a long time and it just seems like nobody is even looking anymore.....maybe I just need to take a break from it this summer and start again in the fall....

  9. I'm really excited about the idea of a Goodwill road trip around AZ. You could find bloggers in the different cities to get together and shop with. I think that would be fabulous!

  10. Amy,
    If I'm not sure how much to list an item for on craigslist, I usually do a search on craigslist first to see if anybody else is selling the same item- 9 out of 10 times they are and that gives me an idea of where to start. If no one else is selling that item I do a google search to see what the item may sell for new. I recommend starting a little higher than you think- if you're not in a huge hurry to sell. If you don't get any takers lower the price by 10 or so dollars each weekend until you do. Hope that helps, Good Luck.

  11. Love the site! I just wanted you to know that because of your site, I visited the website of my local Goodwill (Chattanooga, Tenn) and they sent me a 25% off coupon for my next visit!

    I'm working on getting an ebay site up right now!

    Yeah! Thanks!