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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Up to Something Good

Do you ever have those moments? 
Where you walk around your home and you notice everyone is up to something good.
It started with this.
I noticed Mayer helping Reef learn to ride the skateboard.  
I could hear Mayer talking kindly, giving Reef instruction.
“How sweet,” I thought, admiring Mayer's maturity, then ran inside to grab my camera. 
Eden run's outside with me.  She's so strong and healthy.  
Some days I can't believe this beautiful daughter is mine.
(baby Gap dress $1.00 from Goodwill)
Back inside, I noticed Chandler doing his homework.  
This kid is as self-motivated as the president of a major corporation.  I’m so proud of his work ethic and determination to do his best.
Just outside in the backyard is Payson, trudging away mowing the lawn.   
Earlier, I had asked him to get out there and mow.  Even though it was a balmy 110 degrees, he followed through.  What a great kid.
I walked into the office to put the camera back and noticed the counselor on the phone, talking to someone on craigslist.  
He’s off to buy me a dresser to paint. 
He comes home with this.
Sure, it’s a little rusty around the edges so to speak, but what great bones.
Later, I find the counselor reading the little ones a bedtime story. 
The karma of so many good moments has me in tears and I have a grateful prayer.  This is when my prayer only includes things I am grateful for and I thank the Lord for all my blessings.
The next day, when the counselor comes home from work, I put my arms around him.
“When you’re gone all day at work, I do my thing, but when you come home, I realize just how much I miss you," I say.
Then, I take him around to the other side of the garage and show him what I did with the dresser he brought me home.
Paprika red, I think I love you too.   


  1. Sometimes the pieces all just fall into glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Great post, Laura! I really enjoy reading about your sweet family and "seeing" how you enjoy them so much.

    Impressed with what you did to the dresser in less than a day. :)

    (Not hanging out at Salvation Army anymore, I have a new Savers by my house which I LOVE! Shoes organized by size. Holy moly!)


  3. Plain and simple, I love this post. It makes my heart smile. =)

  4. That dresser is indeed stunning, love the paint job you gave it! Definitely gives it a new life. Sweet post. :)