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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry Way Afters

Here's the before and afters of a recent entry way redo I completed.  

My client has a mix of victorian in one room and primitive country in the other- It was time to take down the 1970's wallpaper and freshen things up a bit.  Here's the after...

Removing the wallpaper and painting the wall a nice neutral color made all the difference.

My client attended a  crafting class where I taught how to make the home sign and I picked up the iron detail at Hobby Lobby.
The sconces are one of my favorite changes.  These came from home depot and added the perfect amount of light to the space.  

Here's the before of the next corner... and here's the after...

With a new lamp, repurposed accessories and a custom art piece, it makes a cozy nook.
The lamp was purchased at Kirklands for around $60.00- the tiffany blue color matched the Home sign and sparked the inspiration for the art piece...

The plaster chickens used to hang out in my clients kitchen, but I thought they looked perfect here in the entry.  Here's a closer look at the art piece...

It was so fun putting this piece together for the space.  It's a big one at over 4' long .  Here's another before of the next corner...

I love grandfather clocks, but this one was a little formal for the space.  A new home is being found in the living room, so we just borrowed a few accessories from my client's family room to give this corner a little something...

Here's the before of the entry from the family room...

And here's the after...

Darn these dark pictures ( I really need to work on my photography skills)  My client returned from Hawaii and loved her new space- so much so, that were starting on the family room.  Can't wait to show you what were doing!  Let me know what you think.  Would you have kept the velvet wallpaper?  Leave me a comment.  Love, Kelly.


  1. Fabulous transition. I am not a country decor type of person but I would feel at home in the new place! Great job in keeping her style while updating.

  2. Much improved! You are so talented. Want to do-over my house?

  3. You did a lovely job! Michelle.

  4. So I was thinking how fun the wallpaper could have been in a SMALL dose. And then I wondered if it could have ben painted or bleached since it is a velvet? Do you have any scraps to test it out on? I thought the design could have been cute but not in the bright cherry red and SO MUCH of it. Just my crazy imagination running wild.... LOVE the new entry and can't wait to see the FR!!!!

  5. You did a great job, but the retro wallpaper was amazing and so in style right now it pained me to see it gone. :( I would have left it, and added more modern and industrial touches to update the look.