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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reflections of a 40 year-old birthday girl.

I don’t feel like a newly-claimed 40 year-old woman, I still feel like a girl.
When I was young and free, I had big plans.  I wanted to go to college and study to become an elementary teacher. I wanted to travel the world, helping those in need.  I wanted to train for marathons and help care for the environment, especially the ocean, but most importantly, I dreamed of someday becoming a mother. 
Ever since I was a little girl, my greatest desire has been to be a mother.
(Here I am eight years old playing house with my baby sister Becky)
But at the age of 18, then 19, then up to age 24, the problem was finding someone to love.
I’ve showcased some of my fun dating disasters, here.  Finally, at the age of 25, the Lord granted me my one true love.  
To read about how I met the counselor, click here, here, here and here.  The counselor proposed after four weeks of courtship.  We were engaged for three months before being married in the Mesa Mormon Temple.  We were determined to travel and do some things with just the two of us before starting our family, but my heart’s desire to be a mother outshined anything else.  A year and three months after our wedding, we had our first child, Chandler.

Finally, I was a mother.  I couldn’t believe this little creature was created inside my body.   And how was his tiny body so perfect?  Sure, I was throwing up for 9 months and gained 30 pounds, but to think my body had the ability to such a thing?   It changed my life.

When Chandler was one, a little voice inside my head suggesting there was another baby wanting to join our home.  The counselor proved to be the most amazing father and supportive husband I could have never imagined.  He was all for having lots of babies.  A year later, Payson was born, another few years came Mayer,
 next Reef 
and finally Eden.  
With each baby came miracles and blessings.  
I didn't know my heart had such capacity to love.  
Most importantly, my dreams of being a mother had come true.
This is what I am thinking of today.  I am a happy 40 year-old rebel with 5 gorgeous kids! 
How did that happen so fast?  How am I so blessed!

On my birthday, my friend Amberlee took me to lunch.  
Amberlee’s daughter Francesca is Eden’s little bestie girl friend.  After we ate, I wanted to get their picture together, after all, when they're18 years-old they will love to see photos of them growing up together.  Everywhere we had the girls stand was a bit frightening.
Stand here.
Stand here.
Stand here.
Finally, we found a place at this amazing Mexican restaurant with nothing scary in the background, unless you count the red vine of tremendously hot chili peppers that would probably burn their eyes out if they touched them.
Later, at home, I watched Eden play with the dog and the hose.  
My dog looks like a demon!
My daughter looks like an angel with bouncy piggy tails!
Over the weekend, we drained our pool to give it a good cleaning.  
Today, we played in it as it filled back up.
Turning 40 isn’t so bad, especially with all my little dreams-come-true keeping me young.  Thank you for all your birthday wishes.  It was a wonderful day. 


  1. Turning 40 is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Welcome to the club...boy are you in for some fun!!

  2. Happy Birthday! So glad that you can reflect back on 40 years and be thrilled with what you have accomplished.

    Take care,

    1. Wait, I mean on your 39 years...since you just turned 40. D'oh.