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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Splurge!

There are very few retail locations that I patronize: I think they're too expensive and unoriginal. Malls are the worst! But... there's always a BUT... I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn. In Arizona our Pottery Barns are usually part of a mall- but it's so worth it. I love to explore the store for inspiration and sale items. This past week I was able to talk my family into a trip to Pottery Barn (as long as we took them to Cheesecake Factory for dinner- which is next door). As we approached the entrance, the scents of Fall filled the air- in the form of their autumn spice oil. I could literally spend hours looking at the different displays and table settings. My family, however, was ready to leave after 20 minutes. So what did I buy?

A little piece of fall: Autumn spice candle and potpourri. Total damage $35.00. The good news, I put it all in a $2.00 garage sale vase! Leave a comment and tell me where you go for retail therapy. Love, Kelly.


  1. Kelly, hi!
    I go to TK Maxx (as we call it in the UK) for fabulous candles and homewares. Love, love, LOVE that store!!!

    K xx

  2. Gymboree, Children's Place and Baby Gap. I would rather die than pay full price for mine or my husband's clothes, but the baby gets it all. Love the display, so pretty!

  3. Definitely Target and Childrens Place--both have cute stuff and usually a good sale. I adore Pottery Barn for inspiration but have only ever bought one thing --ok one set of things-- from there because we got a gift certificate for our wedding for $30. The only thing in the entire store besides one placemat that was $30 or less was a pair of candlestick holders. They are pewter, I love them, and 10 years later I still have them. I love them even more because it was the first shopping trip we made married. Good times.....

  4. Pier 1 and World Market...both so full of inspiration and when I have some extra cash and need some retail therapy. lol

  5. I too love Pottery Barn. My local PB here in CO is not in a mall so I can just hit the PB with no mall maddness. Does your PB offer decorating classes? I love those especially the holiday ones. They teach table setting, tree decorating etc.. Then the offer a shopping discount for that morning only.

  6. I do love Pottery Barn, but I have just discovered my newest flame...Arhaus Furniture. There was nothing there that I didn't like. Check out their stuff, it is awesome. Their stores are great. I spent a whole $15 there the other day and I think the receipt, burlap sack, and catalog they gave me cost them more than I spent!

  7. Diana,
    I get emails about the classes, but have been unable to attend. Glad to hear they're worth it. thanks.

    I just ordered a catalog- Thanks for the information, it looks amazing.