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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New York City

Why the Big Apple?
Because I needed an adventure with the man I love (I adore and absolutely can’t get enough of that man).
 (Here he is waiting for me while I shop at Anthropologie in Manhattan)
Because the counselor and I never really had a honeymoon (three days in Pinetop/Lakeside and as a senior at ASU I had homework to work on so, really?).
Because my dear friend Chandra who lives in Harlem has an extra room (I was Chandra’s nanny and we’re closer than sisters).
Because airfare was cheap (sold dresser after dresser for a few weeks and we were one our way).
Because my sister-in-law was available to watch the kids (my kids adore her and her husband Stuart).
Because I really, really love New York City (and as a want-to-be author, I can’t get enough of the literary side of New York from publishing houses to agents to writers).
So, we went.
Central Park
and it rained.  

Pure beauty.
New York City – Home of the Amazing Artists
The music of Phantom of the Opera left me teary-eyed and on the edge of my seat
 seeing Brooke Shields in The Adams Family, the counselor cried at this one.  Who knew the Adams Family would have such a great message?
 walking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Some of my favorites:
We didn't want to leave.
New York is a place to contemplate the American Dream.
The Statue of Liberty
 seeing the sight of the World Trade Center Buildings
 walking in the 9/11 Memorial Museum I cried and cried for those who lost their lives.  To see the Freedom Towers being built up is the true American spirit and honoring those we no longer have.
New York inspired me as an artist
The colors!  “My next dresser I paint will be this color green; of aged copper,” I told the counselor.  

"Or that blue!"

"Or that yellow!"
"Or that red!"

I also contemplated my current YA manuscript, the changes I wanted to make, the direction I need to go and felt my publishing dreams in reach.
New York City History
Touring the city on a double-decker bus, outside where John Lennon was shot
everywhere we turned was a new adventure.  On a harbor tour learning about the plane that landed in the Hudson a few years ago, 
learning about Ellis Island and the millions of immigrants that came through,
 the sacrifices of those who've been before us, 
understanding the determination it took to build the Brooklyn Bridge, those who lost there life to try something that had never been done before.
New York City Money 
The sky scrapers
Park Avenue & 5th
browsing the Tiffany store.
or not
New York City Food
Warning:  photos are graphic!
Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes
Max Brenner Hot Chocolate
Corned Beef and pastrami at Juniors
Philly Cheese steak, fresh bagels, IT was all so good.
New York City thrift stores
Goodwill and Salvation Army?  Seriously, like being on speed!  
The only time the entire trip I lost complete track of time, I bumped into the counselor and didn’t know who he was, everything was high-end designer clothing, no $1.00 day, but I still had my cheap thrill.  The place to purchase all my kids souvenirs.  Loving the creepy plastic man!
Only in New York City
The Statue of Liberty texting?
Prima Ballerina in the park
Trying white chocolate reese's peanut butter cups
NYC Police - amazing people I have so much respect for 
Protesters on Wall Street
Falling in love every minute more & more with my husband
Please don't ask me what I'm wearing because I'm not really sure, it has something to do with layers and being really cold.

Then, home again
The flight home, I kept thinking about my kids.  Did they really do as well as Amber said they had?  Would they be changed the same way I’ve changed?   We pulled into the driveway and I ran to the front door of my home, Chandler, almost as tall as me jumped in my arms, Eden ran to me, wiggling her little hips like she does when she walks saying “Momma, Momma.”  Payson and Mayer inquired about souvenirs we’d brought home; Reef wrapped his little arms around my leg. 
New York City feels like a dream now, but I was just there two days ago.
How is it time goes by, so fast, we have adventures, joys and sorrows and all the while our little kids turn from baby’s to toddlers to almost starting Jr. High.
The time away was wonderful, but I cherish being back with them again.
I missed blogging so much.  Thanks, Kelly for holding down the fort and the wonderful surprise of so many new followers.  You guys are the best.  Can’t wait to reach 1,000 followers and bring one of you into the world of My Dear Trash.


  1. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. I try go to get NY city when I visit my family on the east coast, and yes, there is NOTHING like it :-). My brother can get us around like no other on those subways. You really brought your experience to life, and I am so glad you had a wonderful time. How nice to share it with your husband.

  2. I feel like I was there with you guys! What a great post. You know I love me a good New York Trip!!!!

  3. Looks like a GREAT trip! I've always wanted to go to NYC and it looks like everything I've imagined!

  4. Wow, Laura.

    Welcome back. We missed you but are THRILLED (!!!!) that you were able to get away with your love.

    You really captured the city. So fun.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a great post! Your trip had a bit of everything, and it all looked so good! And you looked great in pink stripes too:)
    pamela xxx

  6. Looked like a delightful adventure! Amazing pics.

  7. Well thanks a lot now I want to go to new york too! :)

  8. WTC is coming on well. I went in 2000. Amazing city. Looks like you had just as good a time as I had.