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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ramblings of a Busy Housewife "The Weekend"

To conclude my week long journal, I wanted to share my weekend. Saturday morning we headed out at about 7:00am to go garaging. Here's what we found...
The non-working scale was $5.00 (it's just a decorative piece and doesn't have actual measurement mechanism) The Grandma's House suitcase was $1.00, the Mannequin was $3.00 and the metal serving piece with tray was $5.00. I also picked up four of these wood folding chairs...for $10.00. All of these pieces will probably go to the shop this week. Remember the hot pink lamp I sprayed last week?
Well, there has been a slight change of plans. When I took the base into the little girls room, it looked a little TOO much. I then was having a difficult time deciding what to do with the shade- so, after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby with Mr. Right- He came up with a solution. Paint the base white and do a yarn treatment to the shade. After 90 minutes of wrapping and gluing yarn- here's a sneak peek at the shade...
And what did my little 2 year old do during this time?Reorganized all of my little plastic bowls- it looked just like a centipede going across the kitchen floor- she's a future artist that girl. Mr. Right and I were able to sneak away Saturday night for a nice dinner out with friends. When we returned home it was time to get to business on our craft day- which would be advertised at church the next day. After staying up until 3am with two of my fellow crafters- the displays were ready. Here's a glimpse at our sign-up table...

Love this little Nativity Block Set
And my friend Dawn but these hair accessory kits together...
I was able to make new sheet music trees using paper mache' cones- worked like a charm...
And these felt leaf and holly garlands are adorable...
Sunday was my day of rest. Slept in, went to church and spent some time with my amazing daughter's and Mr. Right. Can't get much better than that. Today was ebay listing day and a nice family dinner at the Cheesecake Factory- The kids are off this week so between taking them to the movies and the Arizona Science Center- I'll continue tackling my garage and cranking out some more projects- hope to get that silly lamp done tomorrow! Until then. Love, Kelly.


  1. Great find with the scale. They are great to look at. I really like the sheet music trees too. Nice!

  2. Hi Kelly, I am loving your 'ramblings' thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes, me too! The craft table looks great and the prices on the tags super reasonable. Your multi-tasking (and results) really are amazing.