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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today my first little girl celebrates her first birthday.  Appropriately, she’s sporting her first pair of pigtails.  
I found a few pieces of wispy hairs that held a rubber band and hey, that’s good enough for me.  I’ve waited a long time for this.  Eden loves playing with her Aunt Anna, my baby sister.
Happy Birthday, baby girl

My first and oldest son, Chandler has his first crush, a sweet girl from his school.  He found out it was her birthday and wanted to do something.  He took the camera and I saw him tooling around in the flower garden.  We downloaded the pictures and I taught him how to make his first collage.  We framed it, wrote "Happy Birthday" on it and took it to her house.  She loved it!

The valley of the sun has the first signs of spring in the form of gorgeous smelling orange blossoms.  I love going out first thing in the morning and taking in the smells. 

My boys jumped in the pool for the first time this year.  It got up to almost 100 degrees last week and they wasted no time at all.  The water was freezing, but they didn’t’ care.

Here are some "firsts" I found out thrifting and garaging.

I went to a yard sale in a retirement community.  Everything was very clean and organized.  Most of the trash was priced pretty high, until I saw this desk in the corner of the garage priced at $10.00.  
It was love at first site.  Since it was too pieces, I assumed it was $10.00 for each piece, but no, since it was “trash”, according to the homeowner, she wanted $10.00 for the entire thing.  
"Just take it away," she said.  This certainly isn't the first time something this wonderful has been labeled trash!
Seriously, look at the cubby with the rolling door.  Gorgeous!
It was a bear to move, and almost as heavy as one too, but I got it home and put pictures of it on craigslist.  It sold the next day to an interior designer, owner of Mackenzie Claire Collier Interiors.  It was love at first sight for her too and she promised to send over photos as soon as she gets it how she wants it.  

For the first time, I found a piece of Patagonia Trading Co. furniture.  I was at a church rummage sale high in the afternoon and it was nearing 100 degrees again.  Many of the vendors were packing up when a lady asked me to come look at her hutch.  
"You can have it for cheap," she said desperately.  "I don't want to lug it back home." This thing is huge and I was thinking how I could fit it in the back of my Honda Pilot when she said told me she'd drop the price even lower.  It was meant to be and for next to nothing, I brought it home. It's still on craigslist, but I'll let you know when it sells.  

After my surfboard experience, I figured these vintage ski's would be a great investment.
  Aren't they great!  
Unlike the surfboard that sold right away on craigslist, the ski's still sit in my garage.  I figured both surfboard and ski's are really popular as home decor items, but maybe Arizona doesn't have a huge vintage ski market because we don't get snow.  Either way, I think I'll take them down to our shop at Qcumberz and see how they do there.

And for the first time, I found a Odille Anthropologie dress for $1.00.  
I was so excited, brought it home and photographed it for re-sell.  To my disappointment, I realized the hemline was all undone.  
I might look into fixing it, but sometimes it's just better to move on.

With so many firsts, I wonder what I'll find for the first time next!


  1. i'm sitting here trying not to covet my "neighbor's orange blossoms and pool time" . .but it's hard!! :) happy birthday eden!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet little girl.
    The little pigtails are so cute!

  3. I can fix that hem!Send it to me! lol

  4. I grew up in California near orange groves. I forgot about the smell this time of year! Thanks for bringing back a good memory for me.

    Happy Birthday to your little girl! Are you sitting in the back yard drinking ice tea ? That's what I would be doing! It is cold, grey and raining here....
    ~ C