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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Linky Party, Book Drive and $25.00 Give-Aways to Changing Hands and Bookmans

It’s a beautiful Earth Day and welcome to the My Dear Trash linky party.
I found this vintage metal patio table a few weeks ago while out thrifting.  
They don’t make them like this anymore.  
Solid steel, super heavy and all it excellent condition.
I already used if for Payson and Mayer’s birthday party.  
The party was a big hit, with all the expense paid for by selling trash.
Mayer wanted the basketball jumpy he had at his last birthday party.
Reef lounges on a $10.00 garage sale porch sing, enjoying all the fun.
While Eden plays with Daddy on a Little Tikes $5.00 garage sale slide.
What about you?  What have you found lately that you're crazy about?
Link up your trash below and you’re qualified for the two $25.00 give-aways, one from Changing Hands and the other from Bookmans. 
Leave a comment and you’re qualified for the give-aways as well.
If you’re not already, follow My Dear Trash on the blog and on our facebook page.
Have a wonderful Earth Day and share your commitments to bettering our earth.
Linky is open all week.  Give-away winners will be announced at the end of the book drive, April 30th.  
Also, I’m working throughout the day to finish my YA manuscript.  Thank you for all your well wishes.


  1. Last Sat I found a blue vintage Norco cruiser Bicycle. I paid $8.00 for it and have rode it 5 times already. I would have rode it 6 but I did not want to make my Vintage Peugeot bicycle jelous! ;)

    The patio set you found is lovely!

  2. Hi! I've actuallly been following your blog for over a year, sorry I have not actually commented before now. I have linked 3 items that are thrifted, junk finds, or very inexpensive makeovers...I have recently started my very own blog to showcase these treasures. Wanted you to know that your blog has been a big inspiration over this past year as I have been out of work on disability! I've always loved thrift shopping, trash night 'shopping' and painting I've made the step to just share all of this! I'd love to have you stop by the blog sometime!

    By the way, I am soooo very jealous of your new patio set! I never find those beauties round here. Sorry for the long comment.
    Your friend,
    Kim from

  3. Me again, Ladies I hope you do not mind that I posted about your site feature for Earth day on my blog! Just a little thank you for all your wonderful inspiration!

  4. Had a great time going to yard sales last weekend. Linked up two of my many finds. A leather purse for a dollar and a wood planter for $.50. I've been more and more inspired to buy things cheap to resale. I've have been rather conservative on my purchases, only buying what I know will sell. I may try and go a little crazy and take a few more chances. Wish me luck! I'm a big book fan so I'm loving the giveaway. Have a successful weekend!

  5. I have gotten a ton of things this week ("my" Goodwill is closing! Bad, but I like 75% off everything) but I linked the end table/cabinet I bought today at a boutique. It's just what I have been looking for!

  6. Darn you two! Just got myself another project (like I need another) all inspired by your blog. I found a solid wood french provincial bedroom set for my daughter on craigslist. It's 20 something years old. Very good shape, with a few nicks. The color is that old cream color with gold accents. I have a twin head and footboard, two dressers, a large mirror and a desk. The furniture has some fine details and recessed design as well. I would like to paint it white with distressing marks showing and would love it if you could respond with a posting detailing your steps to refinish a piece of furniture. Any pointers, things to avoid, or products/tools that you love and make the job go smoothly would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance of what I hope will be a gem of a post.

  7. Well I am sitting here on my free used couch wearing a sweater from goodwill and jeans from ebay typing on my refurbished computer.. :) I love your blog. I always glean so much from it. Thank you for all the hard work you two put into it! It is appreciated!

  8. Thanks for letting me link up. I love your blog! I'm also in AZ and you inspired me to start my own thrift blog so thank you.

  9. Oops.Posted 2x! Really didn't mean too! Can that show how much I love your blog! Lol! No, I really didn't mean too, but I do love your blog!