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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Centerpieces Number 6, 7, & 8

Because I'm in New York right now, I thought I'd give you the last of the centerpieces (I know, I really have 2 more- but I didn't get them photographed in time- I'll show them after the wedding) Here's number 6...The theme is "For Time and All Eternity" The wedding couple belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and will be married in the temple for time and all eternity.
I picked up all the pocket watches for $1.00 each at a yard sale. The pedestal is an estate sale leftover and the black clock was another garage sale find for $3.00. Here's centerpiece number 7...
"Sew In Love." This one is missing a little frame with the couple's picture. The frame will be painted the turqoisy blue color the bride has chosen and be place just to the left of the bowl with the wood spools. Laura loaned me the lazy susan and all the sewing supplies are from yard sales. Here's centerpiece number 8...
This is my second, "Two little love birds" theme, but I just love it.
The birdhouse was $1.00 at a yard sale and received a coat of paint and some shredded bird and nest paper in their color.
The ornate bowl and the tweed birds are on loan from Laura. The buttons will be a little more scattered and again, this centerpiece is missing a framed picture of the couple- but it's one of my favorites! Let me know which one is your favorite. If you missed centerpieces 1-5 start here. Please vote- I'll be returning from New York on Thursday, and I'd love to see lots of comments. The wedding is Friday evening so I'll be sharing the photos next week. Have a great week. Love, Kelly


  1. They are all great but I absolutely LOVE the one with all of the pocket watches! Great job~!

  2. Where in NY are you? Thats where I live:)

  3. Handbags N Pigtails,
    I'm staying in Times Square at the Marriott- just went to the Goodwill outlet in Long Island City today, where they sell clothes by the pound. I scored some great stuff!