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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dollar Day, October 23

My dear trash,

I spend my days loading the washing machine, starting the dryer and watching my laundry pile grow into some sort of tribute to Mt. Everest, but on Thursday I blow my babies a kiss, (hang on little chickadees, don't play to rough on the seahorse while mommy's gone)

thank my husband (referred to as the counselor from here on out) for the morning off and run to the car. I’m going to dollar day at the thrift store.

Today, October 23, just after 9:00am and I’m one of the first to arrive.

The front of the store is decorated, a Halloween theme with some art worthy merit. A skeleton rolls sideways as the electric door opens and the familiar smell, let's call it the smell of opportunity fills my nose.

Thrift stores have a distinct smell, sometimes heavier then others, but it’s a smell that says “you are looking through other peoples stuff.” Not one to be intimidated, I tackle the stinky obstacle knowing I have a washing machine at home ready for another load.

Most days, I find 30 to 40 name brand clothing items to purchase and I will post them later on EBAY. Follow me as I shop. A Steve Wynwood song blares on the overhead speaker.

I'd like to say this in on display because of Halloween, but one never knows.

Blue colored tags are $1.00. Let's see what we can find.

Seriously, Hecules Beetle? Has anyone heard of this label? I'm going to pass on this, betting this is not a big seller on EBAY.

Ah, a moment of silence for Tommy Bahama. This 100% silk shirt may not have a blue $1.00 tag, but for $6.99, I'm sure to make a nice profit once I post it on EBAY. It'll sell for around $25.00. New, they can sell for up to $100, so someone will get a great bargin and a great shirt.

I haven't heard of this label, NORI, but I can tell by the fabric and quality, it's a good brand. Plus, the buttons say NORI, which tells me this item is worth trying.

I'm in the land of the lost, expecting my 5th child, and look, I found a nice little prize for me to keep. An OLD NAVY Maternity shirt. Oh la la! $1.00 and it's mine.

This is a nice maternity denim jumper. I just can't do it, I can't wear a jumper when I'm pregnant. I already have issues that I'm as big as a tent, but somewhere in the world, there's a beautiful woman in her third trimester who is looking for a denim jumper. This will sell for $8.99.

Is there anyone out there who still wears a size 0? I hate you, but buy these pants.

Lacoste, the little green crocodile means big bucks for me. I find these most often in the kids section, most likely because the sizing on the label is in French and assumed to be a smaller size then it actually is.

Cool used men's jeans for $1.00 are like searching for gold. They're rare to find, and occasionaly I get lucky, however, not today. Men aren't like women, they don't dispose of great jeans because they've found a cooler, cuter, sexier pair. Men hold onto their jeans until they are completely worn out, stained and beyond repair.

I'm not sure if this is a concert t-shirt or not, the fabric's a little thin and mis-shaped, so I'll pass. Last year I found a vintage Olivia Newton John Concert t-shirt from the late 1970's and it sold for over $50.00.

I don't even want to know the woman who wears this shirt. The shirt says "Stop staring. Take a picture. It will last longer." Have mercy!

I've found my items and it should be a pretty good week. I'm hungry, baby fetus is calling "Feed me." My cravings have intensified. Must have Subway, extra banana peppers for me.


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