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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EBAY Flashback July 2006

While browsing on-line through EBAY stores several years ago, I spotted a seller who had her used clothing on display in a photo session, worn and modeled by a beautiful person. I liked the idea and wanted to give it a try. I know beautiful people too, like my sister Anna. So, I bribed her with $10.00/an hour, and away we went.

This is nothing my than, 17 year old somewhat-punk skater sister would wear on her own, but she pulls it off well.

A cute Chico's dress, made for the non-teenager, but isn't it pretty on her.

I think this was a linen Coldwater Creek outfit.

This was a hot little bebe dress. Notice the dirty baseboards behind Anna. I didn't notice until the photo session was complete. Oh well, we can all handle a little dirt on the wall mixed with Dr. Pepper and a few sprays of Bath & Body Works Strawberry fields body spray.

Not to be outdone, she pulls off a darling pair of American Eagle Jeans, something more along her fashion-tracked mind. What I'm wondering is how did everything fit her so perfectly? It just goes to show if you have the perfect body this it the type of thing you can do. By the way, the base boards really stand out in this picture, somewhat disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

A cute Hollister shirt, which was my best seller that week, at $17.50. How do I remember this?

Anna even accessorized each outfit (this one is a St. Tropez dress, I remember she said it was scratchy), proving she deserved way more then $10.00/hour. I'll make it up to you babes, with cookies and name-brand clothing.

So, you may wonder:
Did I notice a difference?
Did my clothing sell better?
For more cash?
Did I get more hits?
I am sorry to say, things sold just the same as usual, but it was a super fun experiment.

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  1. How long did this experiment go on? As an Ebay buyer, I loved the way the clothes looked on Anna! I did notice on a picture of one of your recent Ebay shirts, there was a spot on the carpet and a little bare foot :)