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Friday, October 30, 2009

EBAY Disappointments of the Week

A burnt batch of cookies, accidentally washing my favorite white blouse with a red towel (now the blouse is a lovely tye-dyed pink), hoping the counselor arrives home early from work only to wait and wait until nightfall—these are disappointments that if I’m not careful, will turn a good day into a bad one.

Ebay disappointments are a bit more bearable, but worth pointing out just the same.

I have a love affair with Tommy Bahama and when I found this shirt I was beyond words. When I took my pictures that night, I found a lovely red stain on the back of it. Boo Hoo!

This gorgeous Vera Wang jean jacket, studded with crystals for pete's sake, sold for .99 cents. Heartbreak!

I found this amazing Ralph Lauren NWT $129 Plus Size 2X sweater and was certain it'd sell somewhere in the $30 range. I posted it at $24.99 and I didn't have any bidders. The next week I posted it at $9.99 and that's what it sold for. This is a rotten economy for this "must-have" item.

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